Namibia most attacked by cybercrooks in Africa

Cyber criminals

Cyber criminals

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) NAMIBIA is the country worst targeted by cybercriminals in Africa as the continent exceeds the global average by more than twice over the past six months.

Zambia, Morocco, South Africa and Nigeria, in that order complete the top five countries most impacted by cybercrime in the region.

This is according to Checkpoint, the multinational provider of software and combined hardware and software products for information technology (IT) security, disclosed the trend on its Threat Intelligence- Africa report.

An organisation in Africa is being attacked on average 1 502 times per week in the last six months, compared to 596 attacks per organisation globally.

The top malware in Africa is Jsecoin, impacting 19 percent of organisations.

The top malware list in Africa includes Cryptominers (Jsecoin, XMRig), Banking Trojan (Ramnit), RAT (AgentTesla) and Botnet (Dorkbot).

Eighty-four percent of the malicious files in Africa were delivered via Web, compared to 63 percent of malicious files globally.

The most common vulnerability exploit type in Africa is Information Disclosure, impacting 68 percent of the organisations.

Among other prominent breaches in September, Garmin, the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology company, fell victim after its South African shopping site was hosting a malicious software skimmer, capturing customers’ payment data from the website.

The stolen data also included home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

Wikipedia has suffered sporadic outages that left the popular site to become unavailable in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

City Power, the electricity provider in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, suffered serious disruptions after a Ransomware attack.

It prevented prepaid customers from buying electricity units and access the company’s website, eventually leaving them without power.

– CAJ News

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