Trim your food budget this holiday season

FNB Head of Product Money Management, Ester Ochse

FNB Head of Product Money Management, Ester Ochse

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) SOUTH Africans have been urged to watch their spend on food items this festive season on the back of rising costs and economic setbacks.

A financial expert also dissuaded consumers from over-indulging on so-called junk food during the season.

“Food costs have escalated due to rising inflation and economic pressures,” said Ester Ochse, Head of Product Money Management at First National Bank (FNB).

She urged consumers to ensure they regularly monitored their monthly budget.

“Besides the increase in the cost of food items, our food choices during this period are quite unhealthy as we choose to celebrate and unwind as the year draws to a close,” Ochse said.

The expert recommended home-cooked meals.

“A home cooked meal is healthy, lets you be creative with meal preparation and ensures that there less food wastage. It is also a great opportunity to get the family involved and bond as a family.”

Ochse also encouraged the limiting fast foods, creating a grocery list and looking through adverts for the latest food discounts or specials.

“Bottom line is to manage your budgets and ensure that you stay within your limits, so that you don’t overspend, waste and add those KGS that you tried to lose during the year,” she concluded.

– CAJ News

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