Media boost as Africa’s largest economy goes digital

Nigeria media

Nigeria media

from OKORO CHINEDU in Lagos, Nigeria
LAGOS, (CAJ News) NIGERIAN media have volunteered to complement the government’s drive towards a digital economy.

This follows the recent launch of the Digital Economy Media (DEMS) Volunteers in the commercial capital of Lagos.

Peter Oluka, spokesperson of the initiative, said the move was in line with government’s remodeling of the communications portfolio to include Digital Economy.

The move was aimed at stimulating Africa’s biggest economy and prepare youth for the knowledge economy.

“Taking inspiration from that move, we are floating DEMS Volunteers’ to step up awareness and deepening of knowledge in every issue that has to do with the concept of digital economy in all sectors of the economy,” Oluka said.

He said the aim was to encourage the public and private sectors to adopt policies and practices of the emerging knowledge economy.

DEMS Volunteers initiatives for 2020 include awareness campaigns targeting such sectors as oil, which is the mainstay of the economy, and agriculture, banking, education, manufacturing and tourism among others.

Nigeria anticipates that with improvements in digital connectivity, digital skills, digital financial services and other core areas of digital development, the West African country can fully unleash new economic opportunities, create jobs and transform people’s lives.

According to a World Bank assessment in November 2019, Nigeria is capturing merely a fraction of its digital economic potential and will need to make strategic investments to develop a dynamic, transformative digital economy.

Isabel Neto, World Bank Senior Digital Development Specialist, said as the biggest economy and Africa with one of the largest populations of young people in the world, Nigeria was well-positioned to develop a strong digital economy, which would have a transformational impact on the country.

“Through innovations and investments, the Nigerian economy can harness digital data and new technologies, generate new content, link individuals with markets and government services, and roll out new, sustainable business models,” Neto stated.

– CAJ News

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