Booze, sex aplenty in violation of lockdowns



from MARIA MACHARIA in Nairobi, OKORO CHINEDU in Lagos & AKANI CHAUKE in Johannesburg
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AFRICA BUREAU, (CAJ News) WHILE a majority of citizens have heeded lockdowns as the continent experiences a rise in the coronavirus (COVID-19), some residents are exposing themselves to the virus through sexual intercourse and alcohol.

This is largely driven by denialism around the disease that has seen Africa encounter the least cases.

Governments across the continent have ordered lockdowns and social distancing and lack of contact but surveys indicate behind closed doors some couples are engaged in intimacy.

This is also evident on social media as individuals post photos of themselves and partners being intimate.

Among the violators is Kenyan, Kerubo Mwangi.

“Sitting inside the house all day by nature calls for human beings to find other things to do or some kind of self-entertainment. Love, romance and intimacy are part of those things,” she said told CAJ News Africa.

Kenya had 110 confirmed cases with four deaths at the time of going to press.

Nigerian, Adaego Adeyemi, argued the restrictions accompanying the lockdowns would indirectly worsen the COVID-19 spread.

“Adults and minors are involved in intimacy whilst others who hoarded alcohol act improperly when drunk,” Adeyemi said.

In many countries, ahead of the lockdowns, there was frenzy as some members of the public hoarded alcohol to last them during the length of the restrictions.

Most lockdowns are 21 days.

Health experts have also warned that the consumption of alcohol weakened the immune system and exposed it to COVID-19, hence the sale of alcohols has mostly been outlawed. Experts have recommended exercise during the lockdowns.

Among those who hoarded alcohol is Rethabile Mokoena of Johannesburg, South Africa.

“I drink daily as I am always indoors, bored and little to do,” she said.

South Africa had 1 162 confirmed COVID-19 cases with five deaths.

Nigerian Adaku Oni, harbours the dangerous belief that black Africans are immune to COVID-19.

“To have my movements restricted because of a foreign infection does not augur well. I am doing whatever I want, provided I do those things secretly,” he said.

Nigeria had 184 confirmed cases with two deaths at the time of going to press.

– CAJ News

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