AfricaCom 2020 tackles mobile fraud



from DION HENRICK in Cape Town
CAPE TOWN, (CAJ News) THE virtual AfricaCom summit is shining the spotlight on mobile fraud.

It was initially set for Cape Town on November 9-12 but took a virtual form because of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Among the highlights of the event will be the French firm that successfully uncovered Africa’s massive mobile fraud problem be sharing solutions to the fact that one in three mobile subscriptions in South Africa is fraudulent.

Evina, the company, will shed light on how cellular users in the continent’s most advanced economy, South Africa, could still be subscribed to mobile services without their consent.

After Kenya, South Africa is the African country most affected by fraud that daily fleeces millions from the mobile accounts of cellular users.

“Africa is a strategic region of huge importance to Evina and the greater mobile industry because this is where strong double-digit growth is coming from,” said David Lotfi, Chief Executive Officer of Evina.

“We cannot allow mobile fraudsters to gain a beachhead on this pivotal continent key to the future fortunes of so many telcos, aggregators and digital merchants.”

Evina is now protecting up to 90 percent of mobile transaction activities in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Senegal.

It also secures traffic in Angola, Botswana, Congo, Ghana, Kenya and Mali in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as Algeria, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

Evina is also expanding in South Africa and exploring partnership opportunities with many other African telecommunications operators.

“Our experts have a long history of on-the-ground experience in working with the African mobile industry to beat mobile fraudsters. From fraudulent app installs to click cons, our Artificial Intelligence-based protection kit detects and blocks fraudulent mobile transactions to great effect,” Lotfi explained.

According to Evina, over US$ 3 billion is lost annually to digital monetisation fraud.

The company secures over 12 million daily transactions across 60 world markets.

– CAJ News




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