US under fire for latest interference in Zimbabwe


Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A) Vice President, Tendai Biti

from MARCUS MUSHONGA in Harare, Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Bureau
HARARE, (CAJ News) THE United States has come under renewed criticism for its interference in Zimbabwe’s domestic affairs following the arrest of a senior opposition politician.

Critics denounced this as a continuation of the US’ double standards and bullying tactics by its envoys against host nations.

The US Embassy in Harare triggered anger among Zimbabweans when it, via Twitter, denounced the arrest of Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A) Vice President, Tendai Biti, for allegedly manhandling and assaulting a woman at a Harare Magistrates Court recently.

The Embassy appeared to doubt Zimbabwe’s upholding of democracy.

“A true democracy leaves no space for arbitrary arrests of opposition political figures. We will watch the developments closely in Tendai Biti’s case,” it tweeted.

Zimbabweans responded furiously.

Nigel Purazi countered the US embassy tweet, “So you want him (Tendai Biti) going around assaulting women without consequences because he is a member of the opposition?”

One only identified as Isheanesu said: “Don’t bring your Trumpism here (Zimbabwe). We respect our women and say no to GBV (gender-based violence). Nonsense!”

Gary Moffat reacted explicitly. He added, “GBV must be condemned in strongest terms if he (Tendai Biti) is abusing women he must face the music.”

Obert Mussah Munemo weighed in urging Minister of Foreign Affairs, to bring the US Embassy to order.

“They should stop poking their nose in our internal affairs. We are not a village in the USA but we are a sovereign nation governed by its laws,” Munemo stated.

Olynelo Olynelo was sarcastic in their response, “We (Zimbabweans) have also been watching the tru democracy of your country – USA go down the drain, as we continue to watch closely and monitor the US Election. We shall be sending our Zimbabwean delegates to address d disputed elections and police brutality on our black brothers in your beloved country (US)!”

While it accuses Zimbabwe of human rights violations and electoral malpractices, the US has come under global criticism for police brutality and is emerging from chaotic elections.

Itai Mapungwana thus stated: “Meanwhile, there is massive rigging going on in your own country…..that is what you should be watching closely, not some clown arrested for beating up a woman in a small country in Africa.”

Mabutho Butroes stated: “Are you an Embassy or branch of the MDC Alliance?”

Milton Mugadza responded: “Are you condoning abuse of woman @usembassyharare, no one is above the law and a person of his (Biti) magnitude needs to lead by example especially if he has aspirations of been a leader in Zimbabwe. You are offside on this.”

Allegations against Biti come as the world marks 16 days against the abuse of women and children.

One Elton thus quipped, “Why do you support man who abuse woman? Yes in the States women are abused but in Zimbabwe we don’t tolerate it.”

One Munhu Mutapa accused America of double standards.

“You mean politicians are not locked up in America? Is that why @realDonaldTrump has pardoned political criminals on a grand scale while imprisoning innocent black lives and calling for their execution? FYI, the glass house does not exist anymore,” Mutapa charged.

The US is under pressure to lift sanctions it imposed on Zimbabwe at the turn of the millennium. America is widely accused of sponsoring regime change in Zimbabwe, and other parts of the world.

– CAJ News

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