‘Organisations already missing the AI boat’


Altron, Photo, ItWeb

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – LOCAL companies must make the most of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to maintain efficiency, particularly now as economies bear the brunt of the coronavirus outbreak.

This is according to an expert as AI becomes one of the most popular topics among digital transformation strategies across the industry spectrum.

“AI is the future of efficiency and many organisations are already missing the boat,” said Vaughn Naidoo, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at South African-listed Allied Electronics Corporation Limited (Altron).

AI in a business context involves the use of intelligent computer software with human-like capabilities to boost revenue, improve customer experience, increase productivity and efficiency and drive business growth and transformation.

“The fact is that AI can save your IT department millions each year. It can optimise your internal business operations, free up resources to work on high-value business outcomes, and enhance function, features and could help you make better business decisions based on greater business insights.

“As history will reveal every catastrophic event bring new opportunity, the global COVID-19 pandemic is no different. Emerging AI solutions has suddenly been catapulted into the spotlight,” the expert said.

However, fears are prevalent that such modern technologies would eliminate human jobs.

Naidoo said by combining process automation, machine learning and natural language processing to routine activities it mimics, and augments tasks performed by humans and over time it learns to do them better.

“This drastically improves efficiency and performance, reduce operational risk and frees time of humans to focus on higher value activities,” the official stated.

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