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Self destruction

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) COME to invest in South Africa!

The response to this call will either be “No” or “Not sure.”

This is because of serious safety and security concerns.

In South Africa, human life is lost in the blink of an eye.

The country is ranked the fifth most dangerous country in the world.

Citizens do not at all feel safe and secure while walking in the major streets.

To complicate matters, all protests that take place in South Africa are always deadly.

Besides the loss of life, there always are injuries, looting sprees and destruction of property.

Worse still, the state security agencies or intelligence do not have the capacity or capability to detect or accurately predict threats to the nation before turmoil takes centre stage.

This has previously manifested itself since deadly xenophobic attacks where hordes of foreigners were either killed, maimed or had their properties looted.

Perpetrators of such heinous crimes have always not been prosecuted.

This impunity emboldens the criminals and sustains the cycle of violence.

This incapacity to foresee security threats has exposed the local security as the weak link.

Sadly, some former security officers have been linked to the instigation of the current looting and mayhem in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng provinces.

Disturbingly, the ill-equipped and less skilled South African Police Service (SAPS) has been exposed and defied.

Some security vehicles, instead of protecting businesses, have allegedly been used for looting, further compromising the safety of doing business in South Africa.

Unscrupulous security personnel loot instead of offering safety and security protection.

Investors are deeply scared of coming to invest in a country where there is rampant lawlessness, instability, violence, xenophobia, racism, tribalism and looting.

Putting money into a country where the future is not guaranteed is scary.

Pouring money into financial schemes, shares, property, or a commercial venture is simply illogical.

The prospect of work up finding the businesses either razed down by fire, looted, or petrol bombed is deterrent.

As we comment on these upheavals caused by senseless and barbaric economic saboteurs, thousands of locals will be without jobs for the next 12 months, or never again.

This adds to the growing numbers of the unemployed, mostly the youths, in South Africa.

Looters and violent protesters have also cut crucial services to the nation, such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, transport networks, hospital services and food supplies among other basics.

Foreigners with businesses in South Africa are again living in fear that the little that survived the looting and destruction would be vandalised, looted and destroyed in the widely predicted xenophobic attacks.

Foreign nationals, mainly Africans do not at all trust the South African Police Service and the state security in forecasting violence.

The local security clusters are accused of waiting for disaster to strike so that they react.

Chief culprits usually walk scot-free or a slap on the wrist.

Criminals have gone without any consequences of their actions, a move that has inspired many more criminals to keep looking and destruction of public properties.

As South Africa maintains its gory status as one of the most dangerous, violent, lawless and murderous nation, all hope of safety is gone.

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