Afristar Properties incurs wrath of clients


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JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) A dubious Johannesburg property company, Afristar Properties (Pty) Ltd, is allegedly swindling unsuspecting tenants of their hard earned cash through fraud antics.

Several former and present tenants, who allegedly fell prey to Afristar Properties (Pty) Ltd, accused the company of operating unprofessionally.

Allegations of intimidation, rudeness, eviction threats and discourtesy have been reported.

“The company (Afristar Properties (Pty) Ltd) is highly dubious, unreliable, malicious and vicious. It is managed like a mafia kind of business, and I wonder how they got the operating licence from the municipality or government,” queried one client.

Apart from allegations of being rude and violent to tenants after collecting cash for rentals and deposits, Afristar Properties (Pty) Ltd would then demand a second rental payment in one month from unsuspecting tenants, it emerged.

“Upon attempts to seek answers why a tenant pays rent twice in a month, the rude and violent management would threaten to cancel the lease agreement. If they want to instill fear in a client they (Afristar Properties (Pty) Ltd) would claim to have blacklisted the tenant in question,” said one source.

One client, who paid his rentals for the month of August, totalling R15, 000 (R7 500 for rent) plus R7,500 for deposit was asked to pay another transanction of R10, 300 as rent for the same period of August, before the month ends.

“Surely, this is purely criminally and rip-off. This is madness of the worst form if ever the persons in question are not influenced by any substances,” argued one former tenant, who left premises for Afristar Properties (Pty) Ltd premises 11 days before month-end.

SAPA Fast Foods, a client of Afristar Properties’, reported a breakdown with management over alleged arrogance, rudeness and violent attitude.

“Afristar Properties (Pty) Ltd is hell on earth for tenants seeking to operate business or find accommodation. I would encourage those who would be lured by this property company to think twice before signing an agreement.

“In my case, they even had guts to defreeze my fridges containing beef worth R12, 300 with several other perishables such as fish, chicken, sausages worth R15, 000. On top of that the month had not yet ended. Worse, the rent was R7 500 and a deposit of R7 500). Renting business or accommodation at this property company is not advisable,” bemoaned one client.

CAJ News Africa telephoned one of the Afristar Properties (Pty) Ltd management known as Daniel Milner to establish the allegations.

He was unconvincing, before dropping the phone.

A look at the Afristar Properties (Pty) Ltd’s social media adverts indicates it has several properties located in Orange Grove along Louis Botha Avenue at Forestall Centre, Silvercrest Centre and several others.

However, online clients were rebuffing the company’ conduct. NB: Those with similar experiences or complaints against Afrista, kindly email:

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