Despite a tough year, African startups show impressive growth


The global business climate hasn’t been as fertile in recent times, but that hasn’t stopped a range of African startups illustrating impressive growth after employing a clear vision for success. In fact, there has been a constant stream of positive news stories coming from startups continent-wide throughout the last year or so. 

The different range of businesses aiming to kick on even further and register wider success is incredibly diverse too. Food businesses, retail-tech startups, logistics companies and a whole lot more have been making waves all over Africa as they attempt to become household names and even spread their reach beyond the continent in some cases. African business is certainly demonstrating its robustness at a crucial time. 

With a number of startups expected to show further growth in 2021 and beyond, here is a look at some of the top contenders. 


A Tunisian business that has gathered some real momentum in the last year, Onboard is a startup that offers SaaS platform transforming customer experience management for hardware providers, with clever 3D smart manuals being particularly well-received of late. The company received $65,000 in funding after being picked for the Flat6Labs Tunis accelerator programme, too. Onboard has recently announced plans for European expansion also, which once again highlights just how ambitious this Tunisian startup is. Definitely one to keep an eye on. 


Thanks to the emergence of the powerful smartphone devices we all have access to today from the likes of Apple and Samsung, companies like Ordera have been brought to life. The same smartphones we use to send emails or access hundreds of exciting casino games are able to handle food-delivery apps like Ordera. After its launch in 2019, the startup has shone after being selected for the Saudi Arabia-based accelerator programme. Since then, the app has expanded its customer base and added more restaurants to the service also. 


Despite being a relatively young startup after only launching in 2020, Thndr has had an excellent time of it. Thanks to its investment platform, which makes it easier to invest in stocks, bonds, and funds, and also being completely commission-free too, Thndr has an exciting future ahead of it. Another business to pay close attention to in the coming months and years ahead. 


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After being backed by heavyweights like Mark Forrester and Bill Paladino, big things are expected of proptech startup reOS. Aiming to change the way the South African real estate space operates, the business offers a task automation tool for rental professionals. If the company hits its targets in South Africa, then there are plans in place to disrupt the international markets and spread its offering around the world. 


A West African startup that really started to make a name for itself towards the end of 2018, Gozem is a Togolese ride-hailing service that has spread way beyond its initial offering of motorbikes. The app has now added services for the likes of car taxis, rickshaw hailing; it has launched e-commerce delivery services, and even expanded to the likes of Benin. Gozem also recently purchased Togo’s leading food delivery app, Delivroum. 


A micro-lending platform based in Zambia, PremierCredit has shown solid growth since its inception in 2019. PremierCredit recently secured $650,000 in funding from Enygma Ventures in order to support plans for further expansion across the SADC region. This all comes after already offering micro-loans to Zambian entrepreneurs, with most being primarily women, and expanding to other countries such as Zimbabwe. 

Other startups worth keeping an eye on are The Gradient Boost, Vybe, WellaHealth, Amitruck, and Eversend. 

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