Record membership of internet providers in SA


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JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) MEMBERSHIP of South Africa’s Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) has reached a record high of 206.

This is an increase from 184 ISPs five years ago.

ISPA members commit themselves to upholding the ISPA Code of Conduct, which ensures consumers are able to experience a world-class utility in South Africa.

“The ISPA Code of Conduct holds members to a high standard and there are consequences that include fines for not consistently delivering internet excellence,” said André van der Walt, ISPA’s Chairperson.

Following the 2019 launch of its consumer mediation process which enables consumers to escalate unresolved issues with their ISPs, ISPA received 1 063 consumer complaints in 2020 with 760 eventually being accepted for mediation.

The process has proven so effective that a mere 25 of these were unresolvable.

“An ISPA logo displayed on an ISP’s website is a good indication that there are remedies for the consumer when things go wrong,” van der Walt said.

ISPA believe its members, too, value their association with the 25-year-old Industry Representative Body (IRB) that has enhanced competition in South Africa.

ISPA reported it had never experienced a period of negative membership growth, demonstrating the growth of the internet in South Africa and the high regard the country’s ISP community has for ISPA.

It believes a united voice has resulted in many legal, legislative, regulatory, competition and consumer victories for the local web, all funded by member contributions.

ISPA’s Code of Conduct was formally adopted in 2002.

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