Lesotho appeals for fair election coverage


Lesotho Minister of Communications, Science and Technology, Tsoinyane Rapapa

from RETHABILE SELLO in Leribe, Lesotho
LERIBE – (CAJ News) – THE Lesotho government has appealed to state media to provide accurate coverage ahead of this year’s elections.

Tsoinyane Rapapa the Minister of Communications, Science and Technology, made the call as he gave out tablets to 20 journalists, from the ten districts including the capital city, Maseru.

The distribution is in line with the National Strategic Development Corporation Plan (NSDP II) stipulating to enhance accurate sharing of news.

Rapapa said the distribution of the tablets was timely, with national elections schedule for next year.

He encouraged media to bring to the fore issues such as politics, the economy as well as women’s and children’s rights.

“The tablets are to assist in covering of political rallies until elections,” the minister indicated.

Rapapa said the tablets had sufficient data to cover for the whole year.

“This will help deliver accurate and balanced news,” he said.

Moroa Mopeli, Acting Director of the Lesotho News Agency, appealed to the reporters to use the tablet carefully, to benefit the agency in a long run.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Mamonyooe Polane said the COVID-19 made them realise the importance of technology, as they had to travel to work to write stories.

“Sometimes, we work in remote far areas and it’s tiring to go back to the office and write,” Polane said.

Makuena Linake, speaking on behalf of district reporters, said transport and airtime had been the major challenges as sources were only reachable on cellphones.

“Reporters have to walk long distances in search of news,” Linake said.

General elections are expected to be held in Lesotho in September to elect all 120 seats of the National Assembly, the lower house of the Parliament.

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