US’ false Zimbabwe solidarity on Russia-Ukraine war


US Embassy in Harare

from MARCUS MUSHONGA in Harare, Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Bureau
HARARE, (CAJ News) – ZIMBABWEANS have dismissed claims by the United States (US) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that Zimbabwe pledged solidarity with US and NATO in the Russia-Ukraine war.

It is the latest in a series of differences between US and Zimbabwe after the former imposed sanction of the latter at the turn of the millennium.

Yet this week, the US Embassy in Harare claimed the Zimbabwe Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed unity against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It later emerged the Zimbabwe government had neither condemned Russia nor commented about the ongoing war.

The US Embassy in Harare had tweeted: “Today the US Embassy to Zimbabwe joined our European colleagues to meet with the Zimbabwe Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express our unity against Russia’s unprovoked and massive invasion of Ukraine.”

A photo showed only the US Embassy staff without any representatives from Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a falsehood that angered many Zimbabweans.

This drew criticism from Zimbabweans, whose country is suffering from economic sanctions imposed by the US.

Nicole Hondo, a political activist responded: “Unity with who? Leave us alone.”

One called The Anti-Muse remarks: “The reason why NATO hasn’t sent troops to Ukraine is because they are used to fighting countries that don’t have the capacity to defend themselves. Russia will bring the war to your shores if you guys try anything stupid.”

Mukaranga Mberengwa observed: “America is the one fueled this war by manipulating Zelenskyy to fight Russia indirectly.”

Mberengwa added, “The way you (US) use Taiwan to fight China is the same way u want to use Ukraine against Russia but unfortunately President Vladimir is a lion. You are the trouble causer USA).”

Phil Ngudlamatshe commented: “Would you guys (USA) be ok with China or Russia setting up guns at your Mexico border facing the US or any of the island countries next to the US?”

Ndini Harare noted: “Go and express your unity in your countries (America) or in Kiev. We got nothing to do with your stories. Did you invite us to any of those talks? Leave us out and don’t try and force our government officials to agree to nonsense. Remove sanctions and go back to your country (US).”

Mashango Lloyd adds: “Nonsense – we are suffering because of your sanctions (US) and political intrusions. Don’t come between us and Russia. If you want to fight Putin do it alone. Don’t use us (Zimbabweans). A lot of people died because of sanctions.”

Timothy Mutonhori rejoined: “Don’t involve Zimbabwe please.”

Walter Nyawungwa accused the US of hypocrisy.

Gibson Bvumavaranda insisted, “Leave Zimbabwe out of that League of Colonists and Enslavers of Africans. How on earth do you expect Zimbabwe to condemn Russia in collaboration with sanction mongers?”

– CAJ News


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