Africa key to attaining global energy security


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Ukraine. Photo by Michael Kappeler/Pool via REUTERS

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JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – THE Africa tour by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz represents a critical step towards achieving energy security.

This is according to the Africa Energy Chamber (AEC) as the head of the German government visits the continent for the first time since his election last December.

AEC noted that with a mandate to explore new energy agreements as the European country looks at breaking ties with Russia, Scholz is focused on forging new gas and hydrogen deals with emerging markets across the continent.

“Germany represents the ideal partner for countries such as South Africa and Niger who are actively seeking the expansion and development of their hydrogen industries,” said NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC.

Senegal was his first destination in his three-country tour.

There, he discussed with President Macky Sall, who is also the chairman of African Union (AU) for future gas deals and the possibility of an MSGBC-Europe gas pipeline.

It includes the 15 trillion cubic feet (tcf) Greater Tortue Ahmeyim project and 20 tcf Yakaar-Teranga development.

This might be the solution to meeting both Europe’s and Africa’s energy needs.

Scholz traveled to Niger to discuss military and financial cooperation renewals. However, the trip has also opened dialogue around energy partnerships.

New partnerships and deals are likely, with Germany playing a critical role in driving energy security and hydrogen development.

Scholz has most recently been in South Africa, where energy security represents a central point of concern.

Scholz’ trip to Africa marks a significant step towards improving African energy dialogue, driving investment and development in key sectors such as hydrogen and natural gas while forging new Africa-Europe energy partnerships.

“South Africa, Niger and Senegal must capitalize on this opportunity and make a strong case for European investment in 2022,” Ayuk said.

– CAJ News

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