Predictive network tech to prevent costly outages


Load shedding

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News)SOUTH African organisations, still reeling from the impact of the COVID-19, are now bearing the brunt of erratic power supplies.

Given the economic uncertainties, businesses are under pressure to mitigate against the risks of unplanned downtime and network outages, which significantly disrupt employee productivity and customer service as well as resulting in lost revenues for the business.

It is against this backdrop that Cisco has introduced its predictive network technology to help IT teams avoid these costly disruptions.

The company disclosed it had for two years been working on a predictive analytics engine that has been tuned and tested with customers across a variety of industry segments.

This incorporates advanced analytics and machine learning techniques, to enable greater precision and ease of use.

According to officials, Cisco predictive networks work by gathering data from a variety of telemetry sources. Once integrated, it learns the patterns using different models and begins to predict user experience issues, providing problem solving options.

“Being able to rely on self-healing networks that can learn, predict, and plan, will empower local technology leaders with the environments essential for business success in a digitally-driven landscape,” said Conrad Steyn, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco South Africa.

“Cisco’s research for predictive networks has been tested and developed with customers, and early adopters are seeing major benefits saving them time and money.”

According to the Cisco 2022 Global Networking Trends Report, 45 percent of IT leaders surveyed cited responding to disruptions as the top network challenge.

Beyond outages, the experience people get from their network connections has become business critical.

The App Attention Index 2021 survey has found that 57 percent of people say brands have one shot to impress them and that if their digital service does not perform, they will not use them again.

Cisco is planning to deliver this predictive technology across its portfolio in integrated software-as-a-service solutions.

“This will make Cisco predictive networks accessible to companies of all sizes and help South African organisations focus more on growing their business and less on managing network issues,” Steyn said.

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