Smart Africa Digital Academy secures timely support


Smart Africa Digital Academy

by DION HENRICK in Cape Town, South Africa
Western Cape Bureau
CAPE TOWN, (CAJ News) – THE promotion of digital transformation across Africa has received a major boost following a collaboration by the Smart Africa Secretariat and Ericsson.

They have partnered to support the Smart Africa Digital Academy (SADA), which promotes transformation through education and capacity development.

This collaboration is aimed at enhancing digital skills of an initial target group of senior officials from ministries and regulatory authorities, in charge of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) by availing of the Ericsson Educate programme, which has especially been curated and customised to support the ongoing digital skills development of SADA’s target audience.

The programme is expected to later extend to the youth, students and professionals, particularly educators.

“We are committed to bridging digital skill gaps across Africa to ensure the inclusive digital development of the continent,” said Lacina Koné, the Director General and Chief Executive Officer of Smart Africa.

The official is confident Ericsson Educate will support them in accelerating their mission and nurturing an ecosystem of ICT specialised training that will increase digital proficiency across our member states.

“Through the program, we look forward to empowering policy and decision-makers with adequate knowledge of the latest digital technologies to make informed decisions that propel the continent in the digital era,” Koné said.

Smart Africa Alliance spans 32 African countries.

Ericsson has been a private sector member since 2016.

“We strongly believe that mobile technologies have the potential to level the global playing field and contribute to the long-term and sustainable economic development of Africa,” said Erik Ekudden, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, and Head of Strategy at Ericsson.

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