Former colonizers losing grip of African countries


French President Emmanuel Macron. Photo by Ludovic Marin, AFP

ISSOUF TRAORE in Ouagadougou/AMADOU NDIAYE in Dakar/RUDD KONTE in Bamako
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BAMAKO, (CAJ News) – FRANCE is bearing the brunt of African countries taking a stance against their former colonizers.

This also comes as most African countries that were colonised by European nations now are more than ready to align themselves with eastern Europe, Russia and Asian nations, precisely China that helped them during dark days of fighting against colonialism, oppression and racism prior to gaining their independence.

Burkina Faso, Gabon, Ivory Coast and Mali have recently shown disinterest in the French dictating their internal affairs.

Burkina Faso and Mali have since replaced the French military with the “trusted” Russian privately owned Wagner Group.

The latest developments have unraveled the French President, Emmanuel Macron, who on Wednesday (tomorrow), will hurriedly fly to Gabon, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to hold high profile meetings.

French military bases in the African continent, mainly in former French colonies suffered huge upsets as their power no longer held.

“These bases will not be closed but re-organised academies,” Macron said.

The French president had harsh words for the Wagner Group, describing them: “It’s a group of criminal mercenaries, the life insurance of failing regimes and putschists.”

However, African nationals reacted to Macron’s visit arguing it was a “facesaver” from the looming realities caused by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States (US) actions against Russia in Ukraine.

Gabonese’s pan African activist Jeannice Koumba told CAJ News from Libreville: “Whatever he (Macron) will discuss with our president (Ali Bongo Ondimba), he should know in advance time is fast ticking for Gabon to prepare to be one of the provinces of the greater African nation. Talking to individual member states might not help any divisive Western world, otherwise Africa is headed to a single country.”

Koumba said the only way forward for the West is to, “Stop dividing-and-rule the continent, stop regime changes and stop sponsoring terrorism.”

Fatoumata Abdoulaye from Mali concurred with Koumba arguing: “Just for once, let Africa be independent from anybody. We need partners in business in Africa as opposed to lecturers of fake democracy, human rights and rule of law. As I speak to you (CAJ News Africa), African leaders are engaging behind scenes preparing for one united Africa. We have been weak all these years because we have been divided. For now, our differences are minimal.”

On Twitter, other Africans also reacted to Macron’s urgent visit to Africa.

Cobi Sark said: “The painful truth is, the western world leaders do not have a place in Africa anymore,” while Laissez-Faire Enthusiast uttered: “Going to countries to lecture them how they should conduct their foreign affairs and domestic affairs isn’t a winning strategy.”

Mashoshotela Mu Wankie remarked: “Most of these African countries got help from Russia and China to liberate themselves. It won’t be easy to win them back. Unless they (Europeans) are to fund for regime change, exactly the way Americans do.”

The Real Mufasa stated: “The French have exploited Africa for too long it’s time they leave,” while Godfrey Kimega observed: “Africa has plenty of room for all world powers. This zero sum game of ‘countering’ each other is not in the interest of Africans. Just come with what you have to offer and let’s discuss partnership.”

Andre Mujuru commented: “When you see them (Europeans) coming, you know they are sensing the loss of their grip on African resources.”

Timothy Mloyiswa rejoined: “France is an unfriendly country and should not have any concessions from mother Africa. All unfriendly western countries must toe the African line and abide by our demands not theirs. Unfriendly western countries should not have friends in Africa.”

– CAJ News