Safety concerns as Chinese killed in Angola


Chinese Ambassador to Angola, Gong Tao

from PEDRO AGOSTO in Luanda, Angola
Angola Bureau
LUANDA, (CAJ News) – THE Chinese embassy in Angola has reminded enterprises and citizens in the Southern African country to increase their awareness of safety precautions.

The warning follows the robbery and murder of a Chinese citizen in the capital, Luanda, last Friday.

While an appeal has been made to police to arrest the perpetrator/s, the embassy urged Chinese in Angola to take precautions to ensure personal and property safety.

They have been urged to avoid working and living alone in remote and dangerous areas.

Security facilities such as monitoring and anti-theft doors should be installed in the workplace and residence, and necessary security personnel should be hired to establish contact with the regional joint defense.

Chinese are discouraged from storing large amounts of cash at home and disclosing the details of their home to outsiders.

“Pay close attention to the local social security situation and pay attention to suspicious situations around you when you go out and go home, do not receive strangers at home, reduce or avoid going out at night, and avoid going to unfamiliar or crowded places,” the embassy advised.

Last Thursday, Chinese Ambassador Gong Tao met Minister of the Interior of Angola, Eugenio César Laborinho, to exchange views on issues such as strengthening law enforcement cooperation between the two countries and safeguarding the safety, rights and interests of Chinese enterprises and citizens in the oil-rich country.

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