Transforming African Workforce: Accredited Africa Training Institute for Capacity Development (AATICD)


Situated in the bustling city of Pretoria, the Accredited Africa Training Institute for Capacity Development (AATICD) is at the forefront of advancing professional and vocational training across Africa. With a diverse range of programs designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of various industries, AATICD is empowering individuals and organizations to excel in today’s competitive environment.

Diverse Training Portfolio

AATICD offers a comprehensive array of training courses, categorized into two primary areas: corporate training and skills trades training. These programs are designed to provide essential skills and knowledge to professionals and tradespeople alike, ensuring they are well-prepared for success in their respective fields.

Leading the Way in Corporate Training

AATICD’s corporate training programs are meticulously crafted to enhance professional skills across a broad spectrum of industries. These programs are vital for organizations aiming to boost efficiency, productivity, and innovation. Key categories include:

  • Information Technology (IT): Courses to advance digital skills and IT management expertise.
  • Energy and Sustainable Development (EASD): Training on energy management, sustainable practices, and renewable energy solutions.
  • Human Resources and Organization Development (HROD): Programs to optimize human capital management and organizational effectiveness.
  • Logistics, Purchasing, and Supply Chain Management (LPSM): Courses that help professionals master supply chain logistics and procurement strategies.
  • Finance and Financial Management (FAFM): Comprehensive training in financial planning, corporate finance, and risk management.
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Management (HSEM): Courses focused on workplace safety and environmental stewardship.
  • Marketing and Business Management (MABM): Programs fostering business growth and developing effective marketing strategies.
  • Land, Agriculture, and Food Security (LAFS): Training on land management, agricultural practices, and ensuring food security.
  • Micro Finance Enterprise Development (MAED): Courses supporting the growth and management of microfinance institutions.
  • Project and Contract Management (PACM): Training in effective project and contract management.
  • Secretarial and Office Administration (SAOM): Skills development for efficient office management and administrative support.
  • Human Rights and Law Courses (HRL): Education focused on legal frameworks and human rights advocacy.
  • Communication Courses: Enhancing skills in effective communication and public relations.
  • Governance Courses: Training in principles of good governance and organizational leadership.
  • Gender Management Courses: Promoting gender equity and inclusive management practices.
  • Tourism Management Programs: Preparing professionals for success in the growing tourism sector.
  • Skills Trades: Practical training in various technical trades essential for industry and infrastructure development.

Comprehensive Skills Trades Training:

For those seeking practical expertise in vocational fields, AATICD offers a wide array of skills trades training programs. These courses are designed to equip individuals with hands-on skills that are highly valued across numerous industries. Key offerings include:

  • Painting: Techniques for residential and commercial painting.
  • Plumbing: Training in plumbing system installation and maintenance.
  • Drywall Installation and Maintenance: Skills for installing and repairing drywall.
  • Carpentry: Mastery in woodworking and construction techniques.
  • Welding: Instruction in various welding methods and safety practices.
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC): Training in HVAC system installation and maintenance.
  • Solar Installations: Courses on deploying and managing solar energy systems.
  • Electrical Installations and Maintenance: Skills for electrical system installation and upkeep.
  • Auto Electrics: Training in automotive electrical systems.
  • Motor Mechanics: Courses in vehicle maintenance and repair.
  • Machinist: Training in the operation of machining tools and equipment.
  • Instrumentation: Expertise in the use of industrial instrumentation.
  • Masonry/Bricklaying: Skills for bricklaying and masonry construction.
  • CNC Operations: Training in computer numerical control (CNC) machine operations.
  • Scaffolding: Safe practices for scaffold erection and maintenance.
  • Gas Installations: Courses on the installation of gas systems.
  • Color Mixing of Acrylics and Oil Paints: Techniques in color theory and paint mixing.
  • Mine Surveying Basics: Introduction to surveying techniques in mining operations.
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment: Courses in water treatment and management processes.
  • Safety and Health Environment (SHE): Training focused on maintaining safety and health in various environments.
  • Fuel Station Technician: Skills for managing and maintaining fuel stations.

Prestigious Clientele: AATICD is proud to serve a distinguished roster of clients, including leading organizations and government bodies across Africa. Their notable clientele includes:

  • American Embassy
  • Reserve Bank of Zambia
  • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
  • Ministry of Finance, Botswana
  • Malawi Government
  • Lesotho Government
  • Royal Eswatini Airlines
  • Eswatini Electricity Company
  • Uganda Government
  • Ghana Oil Companies
  • Various companies in Mozambique and South Africa

State-of-the-Art Facilities: AATICD’s training facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources, providing an optimal environment for both theoretical and practical learning. These state-of-the-art facilities ensure that trainees receive top-quality education and hands-on experience, preparing them for successful careers.

Empowering Africa’s Future: With a commitment to bridging the skills gap and empowering professionals across Africa, AATICD’s mission is to foster economic growth and sustainable development through high-quality training. AATICD aims to be the leading provider of capacity development solutions on the continent.

Training Opportunities Across Africa: AATICD’s comprehensive programs are in high demand across various African nations. Countries such as Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Mozambique, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Sudan, Sudan, DR Congo, Eswatini, Lesotho, Gambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Angola, and Madagascar have shown a strong interest in AATICD’s training offerings. These regions benefit significantly from the institute’s tailored training solutions, which help empower their workforces and drive economic development.

Discover More: To explore AATICD’s extensive training programs and learn how they can benefit your organization, visit Whether you are looking to enhance your workforce’s skills or pursue vocational training, AATICD is your trusted partner in professional and technical development.

For inquiries and enrollment, please contact AATICD at or visit their office at Hatfield Office F409, Hatfield Plaza, Pretoria. For easy application, simply fill out the online application form available on the website.

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