SASSA Payout Dates in 2024

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides a vital social safety net for millions of South Africans. Their regular payouts ensure access to basic necessities for many families. But keeping track of these payout dates can be challenging, especially with different grants disbursed on various schedules.

This guide simplifies things by outlining SASSA’s payments dates for 2024 and offering resources to stay updated on specific dates.

Understanding SASSA’s Payout Schedule

SASSA distributes grants in categorized groups, with payments typically occurring within the first week of each month. Here’s a breakdown of the common categories:

  • Older Persons Grants: This category caters to senior citizens above the qualifying age. Their payouts usually commence at the beginning of the month.
  • Disability Grants: Beneficiaries with certified disabilities receive their grants shortly after the Older Persons Grants, typically within a day or two.
  • Child Support Grants: These grants support caregivers of children. Payments usually happen within two to three days after the Disability Grants.
  • Foster Child Grants and Care Dependency Grants: These grants provide support for foster care and those with dependents in need. They are often disbursed alongside Child Support Grants.
  • Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant: This grant offers temporary financial assistance to unemployed individuals. Unlike the other grants, the SRD payment schedule might differ slightly. We’ll delve into this further below.

Important Considerations

  • Variations within Categories: While the payout schedule offers a general framework, there might be slight variations within categories. For instance, some beneficiaries within the Older Persons Grants category might receive their payouts a day earlier than others.
  • Public Holidays: If a public holiday falls within the typical payout window, SASSA usually adjusts the schedule to ensure beneficiaries receive their grants before the holiday.
  • Payment Delays: While uncommon, unforeseen circumstances can occasionally cause delays.

Staying Updated on Specific Payout Dates

To ensure you don’t miss your payout, here are some resources to stay informed:

  • SASSA Website and Social Media: The SASSA website ( and their social media pages regularly announce upcoming payout dates.
  • Local SASSA Offices: Visiting your nearest SASSA office allows you to inquire directly about specific grant payout dates.
  • SASSA App: The SASSA app provides a convenient platform to access grant information, including payout schedules. You can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • SMS Notifications: SASSA offers an SMS notification service that sends updates on your grant status, including payout dates. Register for this service by contacting your local SASSA office.

Focusing on the SRD Grant

The SRD Grant has a slightly different payout structure compared to other grants. Payments are often processed in batches, and beneficiaries might receive their grants at varying times within a designated timeframe. SASSA usually announces the specific SRD payout window in advance.

Here’s how to stay informed about SRD Grant payouts:

  • Official SASSA Announcements: Look out for official announcements from SASSA regarding the SRD Grant payout window. These announcements are typically made through the SASSA website, social media platforms, and SMS notifications.
  • SASSA SRD Enquiry Line: You can also call the SASSA SRD Enquiry Line at 0800 60 10 12 to inquire about the payout schedule.


By understanding SASSA’s general payout structure and utilizing the available resources, you can stay informed about your specific grant’s payout date in 2024. Remember, timely communication is key. SASSA actively shares updates through various channels, so don’t hesitate to leverage them to ensure you receive your grant on time.

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