Apex Legends: Tips for Winning in Ranked Mode

We’ve all felt the thrill of dropping into the fast-paced world of Apex Legends, where quick decisions and strategic gameplay can mean the difference between victory and defeat. But when it comes to Ranked Mode, the stakes are even higher.

Navigating this competitive landscape can be tough, especially when you’re up against seasoned players who seem to have mastered the art of survival. But don’t fret, we’re here to help level the playing field. In this article, we’ll share some tried-and-true tips that’ll give you the upper hand in Ranked Mode.

So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking to up your game or a newcomer eager to make your mark, stick around. We’re about to take your Apex Legends experience to a whole new level.

Understanding Apex Legends Ranked Mode

Navigating the Apex Legends ranked mode can seem daunting, yet rewards can be incredible. Diving deeper into the tier structure and new season updates breaks down the complexities and gives a game plan for success.

Overview of Ranked Tiers

Apex Legends ranked mode houses seven unique tiers, namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator. Each tier, excluding Apex Predator, splits into four divisions. To ascend from one division to another, you’re required to earn Rank Points (RP). It’s important to remember, RP deduction occurs when shifting from one tier to the other. For instance, a leap from Gold to Platinum costs 24 RP.

Just to illustrate, Bronze to Silver demands 12 RP, whereas, Diamond to Master requires a whopping 100 RP.

Here’s a quick rundown displaying the RP required for each rank progression:

RankRP Required
Bronze to Silver12 RP
Silver to Gold24 RP
Gold to Platinum24 RP
Platinum to Diamond48 RP
Diamond to Master100 RP
Master to Apex PredatorTop 750 players

Key Changes in the Latest Season

Apex Legends persists in keeping the game fresh, injecting exciting changes each season. The latest season brought forth considerable adjustments affecting ranked mode dynamics.

One significant alteration involved the map. In alignment with the narrative’s latest turn, Olympus earned a new zone, named the “Infested Olympus”.

Moreover, a critical addition is the new Legend, Valkyrie, adding a vertical dimension to the gameplay. Valkyrie’s tactical abilities, in particular, impact heavily in high-stakes ranked matches.

The popular 3×3 format of Arenas also extends into the ranked mode. It adds an extra layer of strategic gameplay, emphasizing cooperation and using your Legends’ abilities wisely.

Coping with these alterations doesn’t merely test your standard combat skills, it challenges your adaptability, a quality inherent in all Apex Legends champions.

Essential Tips for Winning in Ranked Mode

In the challenging arena of Ranked Mode in Apex Legends, it’s all about playing smart rather than playing hard. We present two areas you must conquer for best results: mastering team coordination and choosing the right Legends. For an added advantage, find exclusive Apex Legends hacks at Battlelog.

Mastering Team Coordination

Success in Apex Legends is no solo venture. It hinges on team play, coordination, and communication—a reality more evident in Ranked Mode than anywhere else. It starts with creating a multidisciplinary team, combining the strengths of each Legend for maximum effectiveness. Then, forming a communication strategy that works. Pinging effectively to share crucial in-game information with teammates is key. Say, an enemy is inside a building you’re approaching. A suitable ping immediately informs everyone in the team. Remember, sharing is caring! Especially in the heat of battle where prompt, clear, and efficient communication could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Choosing the Right Legends

Your Legend selection plays a crucial role in your team’s strategic arsenal. In Apex Legends, certain Legends excel in specific in-game situations. For example, Wraith’s abilities provide a tactical advantage in navigating through hostile territories, while Lifeline is perfect for those after-exchange revives, and her healing drone offers precious sustainability in long-drawn battles. Gibraltar brings a defensive edge with his dome shield—especially useful when you’re stuck in the open. Mix and match Legends based on your team’s overall strategy, on the map, and against the opposing teams you’ll potentially face. Bear in mind, it’s not about picking the ‘strongest’ Legend, but the Legend that complements your team and your gameplay the smoothest.

Strategic Map Use

A new dimension to winning at the Ranked mode in Apex Legends comes from Strategic Map Use. Optimizing this effectively can largely influence the trajectory of your game.

Hot Zones and Landing Strategies

The starting point in Apex Legends can significantly affect the game’s outcome—specifically, the choice of Hot Zones, and the Landing Strategies your team adopts. Heavily contested areas, known as Hot Zones, often house high-tier loot. Take, for instance, “World’s Edge,” where popular Hot Zones include The Train Yard, Skyhook, and Fragment East. Landing first and securing top-grade equipment provides a competitive edge. Yet, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. The risk involved? Early game skirmishes that could potentially lead to early exits, particularly if you’re ill-prepared or outpaced by enemies.

Timing Rotations and Positioning

Coordinating rotations, timing and positioning are key layers to strategic map use. A pre-emptive movement to a later circle can provide positional advantage—high ground, vantage points, and more defensible spots. Often, high-ranked games in Apex Predator divisions, aim at the possession of ‘key spots’ like the Overlook in “World’s Edge”. It’s about more than moving to the safe zone within the countdown timer. It’s about predicting enemy movement, being present at critical choke points, and making smart decisions to isn’t draw unnecessary attention. Exemplifying this is early rotations that can help teams to stake out defensible locations, allowing one to fortify before the enemy arrives.

Always remember, the potential for victory in Ranked mode doesn’t exclusively lie in aiming dexterity or evasive maneuvers—it also lies heavily in understanding, leveraging, and strategically using the map to your advantage.

Combat Tactics in Ranked Matches

In Ranked Mode of Apex Legends, combat tactics play a pivotal role. Let’s explore these key tactics, focused on engaging wisely in fights and leveraging high ground and cover.

Engaging Wisely in Fights

Mastering combat engagement is a boost to your winning percentage. Avoid rushing into battles blindfolded. Instead, pick fights after mental scrutiny. Gauging an enemy’s power, element of surprise, and relative positioning all factor into this decision-making process. For example, if your team spots a weakened enemy squad engaged in a fight with another team, that’s an ideal opportunity to step in and clear both teams. Remember, the ultimate goal isn’t getting the most kills, it’s survival till the end. Decisive, smart engagement goes a long way towards this.

Importance of High Ground and Cover

Much like a seasoned war general, an Apex Legends player knows the tactical advantages of the high ground and proper cover. Both offer substantial advantages: better oversight, easier headshots, increased defense, and more difficult targeting for opponents. Notable high ground regions include Bonsai Plaza in Olympus and overpasses in Worlds Edge. But also remember, not all high ground can provide cover, and cover may not always be on high ground. Interplay between these two factors is key. For example, Wattson’s perimeter security provides necessary cover when the high ground fails. Each round comes with its unique situation, so adaptation is the game’s true name.

Managing Inventory and Resources

Managing your inventory and resources smartly can make a significant difference in Apex Legends’ Ranked Mode. Here, we’ll delve into ways to balance ammo and healing items, and the vital skill of the decision-making process between looting and engaging.

Balancing Ammo and Healing Items

One of the key aspects of managing inventory is striking a balance between carrying ammo and healing items. With the limited backpack capacity in Apex Legends, it’s crucial to accommodate both, as both directly impact survival chances.

  • Selecting the right amount of Ammo: Carrying around 2-3 stacks of ammo per weapon often suffices for a single encounter. For example, if you’re using an R-99, 180-270 light ammo should be enough.
  • Storing adequate Healing Items: Healing items like Med Kits, Shield Cells, and Phoenix Kits provide vital HP recovery mid or post-battle. We recommend dedicating 3-4 slots of your inventory to these essentials.
  • Maximizing Inventory Space: Use backpack space efficiently, employing higher-tier equipment as it increases carrying capacity.

Decision Making on Looting vs Engaging

Another major resource management aspect involves deciding when to loot and when to engage with opposing teams. Here are some tips to perfect this:

  • Judging Risk vs Reward: Engage only when the potential loot outweighs the risk of injury or death, if possible. For instance, if an enemy squad inhabits a loot-rich zone like Bunker, it might be worth facing the confrontation.
  • Balancing Loot and Fight Time: Avoid spending excessive time looting single areas or defeated enemies, as this can leave your squad vulnerable. It’s best to quickly grab essential items and then return to an advantageous position.
  • Responding to In-Game Events: Be mindful of in-game events like air-drops, as they are tempting loot opportunities but often act as magnets for enemy squads.

One cannot understate the importance of managing inventory and resources in Apex Legends. By practicing and perfecting these skills, you’ll see vast improvements in your Ranked Mode gameplay.


We’ve covered a lot of ground, from strategic decision-making and combat tactics to inventory management. It’s clear that winning in Apex Legends’ Ranked Mode isn’t just about shooting; it’s about playing smart. Remember to use the high ground to your advantage and adapt your strategy as the game progresses. Don’t forget the importance of managing your inventory wisely, balancing your ammo and healing items, and making smart decisions on when to loot or engage. By mastering these skills, you’ll be well on your way to achieving success in Ranked Mode. Keep practicing, stay focused, and you’ll see your game improve in no time. After all, the road to becoming an Apex Champion is paved with persistence and strategic gameplay.

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