Multiple threats to Chinese companies in Angola


Chinese Ambassador to Angola, Gong Tao

from PEDRO AGOSTO in Luanda, Angola
Angola Bureau
LUANDA, (CAJ News) – ATTACKS by pirates, outbreaks of fires as well as natural disasters such as floods have emerged as the biggest threat to Chinese enterprises in Angola.

Fires are the latest of these threats, costing entrepreneurs significant losses.

If unguarded, such incidents could end up endangering lives, hence the issue needs urgent attention from the businesses.

Recently, two warehouses of Chinese merchants in Luanda, the capital, suffered from sudden fires.

Aging lines and electric welding construction have been blamed for the fires, ruling out foul play.

“Fortunately, there were no casualties,” Chinese Ambassador to Angola, Gong Tao, said in a statement.

The Embassy has since reminded Chinese citizens and enterprises in Angola to attach great importance to fire safety in residences, shops and warehouses.

Tips given include, to effectively improve fire safety awareness, adhere to bottom-line thinking and risk awareness as well as do a good job in fire safety early warning, and purchase insurance in time.

“All overseas Chinese groups should increase the publicity of fire safety and fire prevention knowledge,” Tao advised.

Firms have been urged to take the initiative to formulate fire-fighting measures, configure fire-fighting equipment and regularly check whether it is expired and hold fire drills.

Another tip is to regularly self-examine fire hazards, check and maintain electrical equipment, pay attention to and clean up flammable debris in time, pay attention to ventilation in confined spaces, and minimize fire hazards.

Previously, the embassy reminded Chinese citizens to pay close attention to recent rainstorm disasters in Angola to ensure their safety.

Last month, Luanda and several provinces experienced frequent extreme rainfall and floods, causing a large number of casualties and property losses.

Malaria, dengue fever, cholera, typhoid and other common tropical diseases are at risk of accelerated transmission along with floods.

“The Chinese Embassy in Angola solemnly reminds all Chinese citizens, enterprises and institutions in Angola to pay close attention to the Angolan government’s disaster notification and local weather changes, strengthen early warning and prevention, and ensure the safety of life and property,” Tao stated.

The embassy also encouraged overseas Chinese groups and business organizations to cooperate and support the local government in disaster relief work.

Meanwhile, in addition, since the beginning of 2023, there have been frequent incidents of pirate attacks in the countries along the Gulf of Guinea. Some of these attacks occurred in the waters of Angola.

The embassy recently reminded Chinese citizens, enterprises and ships operating in the Southern African country to maintain a high degree of vigilance, make preparations for preventing piracy, strengthen prevention, operate legally and compliantly and consciously avoid illegal cross-border fishing.

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