Hundreds of Mozambicans left homeless after SA violence

Malawi, Mozambique under siege from floods

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from ARIMANDO DOMINGOS in Maputo, Mozambique
MAPUTO, (CAJ News) – MORE than 500 Mozambicans have reportedly lost their homes and about 400 others expressed a desire to return to Mozambique following the anti-foreigner violence in neighbouring South Africa.

This is according to the Mozambican Christian Council (CCM) in the wake of the spiralling crisis mostly in the Gauteng Province.

CCM denounced the skirmishes but discouraged Mozambicans from retaliating against South African companies and visitors to the country.

“The spread of violence worries us,” said CCM chairperson, Felicidade Chirindze.

Chirindze deplored the alleged silence of the government of President Filipe Nyusi but dissuaded locals from taking the law to their own hands.

“We urge our Mozambican brothers not to resort to violence,” Chirindze said in the capital Maputo.

More than ten people have been killed in the violence in South Africa. CCM noted that none of the victims were from Mozambique.

At least 544 Mozambicans have fallen victim to the xenophobic violence. Some 397 of these victims have reportedly expressed a desire to return to their home country.

Mozambique’s Disaster Management Technical Council met in Maputo on Friday afternoon to assess if it could evacuate affected Mozambicans.

– CAJ News

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