MTN wary of fraud flurry over festive season

MTN South Africa General Manager for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management, Elgiva Sibisi

MTN South Africa General Manager for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management, Elgiva Sibisi

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) MTN has warned customers to guard against fraud incidences, which are projected to increase as the festive season approaches.

The increase is attributed to scammers continue to find new ways to circumvent security barriers and defraud unsuspecting consumers.

MTN said with October is Fraud Awareness Month, it was cautioning customers to be extra vigilant and closely monitor their online activities to ensure that they did not compromise their security and avoid falling prey to fraudsters.

“The rule of thumb is to exercise the same level of precautions we take in our lives in the virtual and online world,” said Elgiva Sibisi, General Manager for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management at MTN South Africa.

Among scams set to increase are data mining, MIM swap and porting fraud as well as unscrupulous subscriptions.

Elgiva said MTN had introduced a solution called Subscriber Identity for Third Parties (SIFT), which gives banks real-time alerts on change in SIM card number.

The feature is zero-rated and gives customers a 48-hour window period to stop any unauthorized transactions.

“MTN is also encouraging customers to provide a secondary number or an email address to verify SIM swap requests,” Elgiva said.

In a continued effort to ensure that MTN customers are protected and treated fairly, MTN has implemented a policy (Treating Customers Fairly policy also known as ‘TCF’), which is aimed at ensuring that MTN customers are protected against fraudulent and scam activities.

Furthermore, MTN has conducted in-depth checks and ensure that all its technology partners and other stakeholders adhere and comply with the Consumer Protection Act.

As a result, MTN has put in place measures through TCF to remove these fraudulent subscriptions activities.

– CAJ News

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