Witchcraft, drug allegations rock Chiwengas’ divorce

Marry Mubaiwa-Chiwenga, wife of Zimbabwe's Vice President Constantino Chiwenga

Marry Mubaiwa-Chiwenga, wife of Zimbabwe’s Vice President Constantino Chiwenga

from MARCUS MUSHONGA in Harare, Zimbabwe
HARARE, (CAJ News) ZIMBABWE’S acting president, Constantino Chiwenga, and his estranged wife, Mary, continue washing their dirty laundry in the courts amid allegations of witchcraft and drug abuse the former general has laid on his ex-partner.

Chiwenga (63), the mastermind of the coup that ousted strongman Robert Mugabe from the presidency in 2017, accused Mary (nee Mubaiwa, aged 38) of performing rituals at their Borrowdale Brooke home in Harare as well as bringing in witch doctors.

“My clothes in some cases were heaped together and sprayed by applicant with some unknown substances. I had to take the children away to cleanse them of memories of the horrors they experienced,” stated Chiwenga in his court affidavit papers.

This is among the latest twists in the divorce proceedings that culminated in Mubaiwa’s arrest in December for allegedly attempting to murder her then-husband, who was unwell.

Among the new findings were two diplomatic passports bearing her names on top of the third passport she possess.

Chiwenga thus wants his former wife’s bail to be revoked for allegedly being untrustworthy.

He has since instructed his lawyers to approach the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) advising it of these new discoveries.

Chiwenga does not want her estranged wife to return to their matrimonial home arguing through his lawyers Manase & Manase Legal Practitioner that the state prosecution team was not privy to new discoveries at the time of allowing her bail.

The lawyers said by not surrendering all the passports in her possession, Mubaiwa was not a truthful person insisting her bail should be immediately annulled.

“By lying, Mubaiwa should have her bail revoked,” reads Chiwenga’s affidavit.

Mubaiwa meanwhile countered Chiwenga in court by accusing him of abducting the couple’s three children from their matrimonial residence when she was arrested.

However, Chiwenga’s lawyers argued the children had been left unattended and the ex-general shielded them from the trauma they allegedly experienced from the above-mentioned rituals.

He also claimed his ex-wife was not in the right mental state and suffered flashbacks, lack of sleep and bore symptoms of illicit drug abuse.

“Applicant (Mary) cannot be trusted with children in the circumstances,” Chiwenga stated.

They were customarily married in 2011.

– CAJ News

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