OPINION: Proposed cabinet of the United States of Africa

Tanzanian President John Joseph Magufuli.

United States of Africa (USA) President John Joseph Magufuli (Tanzania).

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) FIRSTLY, I would like to thank all those that responded to my proposal for the inaugural cabinet ministers for my envisaged United States of Africa (USA).

Your views proved vital, and as such I salute all of you brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers for reviewing my nominations of our desired African leaders for my proposed cabinet for the suggested USA.

Thank you for being constructive unlike what we normally witness in social media today whereby a majority of discussions and contributions are filled with hatred, insults, denigration, lack of wisdom and polarized thinking, among other vices.

Paul Kagame

USA Deputy President, Paul Kagame (Rwanda)

Your contributions to my proposal to the imagined inaugural cabinet for the maiden projected USA government indeed showed that Africa boasts true sons and daughters that always want the best out of their beloved continent, which we all call home. Hence such different views.

EFF leader Julius Malema

USA Ambassador to the United Nations, EFF leader Julius Malema (South Africa)

It is critical that whenever people of different backgrounds, sex, different persuasions, different geographic locations, opposed views and different interests, religious, political, culture, traditions, academic, business and professionals come together, the final product that we all aspire is always achieved.

Professor Patrick Lumumba (Kenya)

USA Presidential Advisor, Professor Patrick Lumumba (Kenya)

Suffice to say the African continent remains a sleeping global giant, not because it does not have capable leaders, but is stagnant due to a variety of reasons, both external and internal forces.

Let me start with external forces. Outside forces are the worst culprits fighting left, right and centre to ensure our beloved continent does not come together as 54 member states to form this historic United States of Africa (USA).

The so-called foreign superpowers would never wish African continent to be united nor dare form this United States of Africa because some of these countries we so much cherish today as best nations will definitely collapse or become irrelevant both economically and politically.

This is why the likes of former Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi was assassinated. This is why mineral-rich Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) knows no peace……why a series of coup d’etats, insurgency in Nigeria, uprisings across Africa, sponsored individuals, among others.

External forces are so much obsessed with our rich continent, which teems with all types of mineral resources such as oil, gas, lithium, bauxite, cobalt, gold, platinum, diamond, silver, iron ore, copper, uranium, emerald, tin, coal, asbestos, just to name a few.

Africa is equally blessed with friendly weather, pure natural water, forests, wildlife, environment, peace-loving people, rich agricultural alluvial soils, birds of the air, best trees, grass, beautiful seas, oceans, mountains, rivers, natural wonders, among others.

Now, the external forces, especially Europe, United States of America, China and a few others from Asia are not at all happy with what Jehovah God has given us as a continent at their expense hence too much interference in our internal daily business.

Some might come as friends but are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Some external forces pretend to be helping African continent yet they are waiting for the opportune time also to pounce on our beloved continent and economically enslave our own brothers and sisters.

A majority of them sponsor conflict, insurgency, rebels, civil wars, disunity, including man-made diseases aimed at wiping our population for their sake.

Others choose to come to Africa as angels of light yet with tactics to divide and rule our people through corrupting individual leaders so that they abandon respective national agendas for selfish reasons, which is looting, auctioning and selling out our motherland.

A majority of foreign Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and embassies are not supposed to be in this continent at all because they deploy spies, security intelligence operatives, economic saboteurs, disease manufacturers, strategists to stir conflict, suppliers of illegal weapons, trainers of rebels, funders of insurgency, spoilers of any meaningful development to be initiated by African citizens, suppliers of wrong medical treatment, plunders of our resources and looters, among others.

This is the most dangerous group that our African leaders, cannot easily see and get rid of.

The main challenge prolonging the formation of the USA is own political African leaders.

Most African leaders are so much obsessed with power. They feel very much comfortable in ruling their powerless individual countries and kingdoms, a development that enables foreign forces to easily manipulate or invade them.

No current African leader would ever want to be called mayor, provincial governor or premier, minister or ambassador hence refusing to urgently come together to form this envisaged USA, which will see the historic rise of the greatest political and economic powerhouse of the century.

Most African leaders are too greedy. Their too much love of money exposes them to the external forces, who come with cash in suitcases to bribe them to betray their individual member states and citizens.

Most African man leaders love power. Foreign forces are aware of this. In the process, they encourage them to rig elections so that they find easy entry points to use them as partners for looting resources.

Opposition in African continent, majority of them have tendencies of rejecting any election outcomes because they have backers elsewhere, who indirectly sponsor conflict so that these divided nations remain weakest of all times.

A majority of African leaders strongly believe in witchcraft, ancestral spirits, corruption, nepotism, among other vices that work against development.

Out of these, greed and corruption are the worst diseases that have hindered the rise of this sleeping economic and political giant called Africa.

Divide and rule. The other challenge is that the continent is easily deceived to engaged in politics of hate, division, polarization, murder of people with different views, hence the foreign powers find an easy way of entering our house called Africa to freely take anything they so cherish while Africans are busy fighting.

A majority of African male leaders crave so much on women once they have too much money to an extent of losing their main focus of the day.

Corruption is daily bread in this continent, something that exposed the continent of 1,3 billion people to destitution.

Another cancerous disease is the liberation movements. After attaining power, they have become the biggest letdown for Africa in that they always misrule their respective countries with impunity.

These former liberators loot taxpayers’ money and abuse power. They implement politics of patronage. Nepotism is galore. Corruption becomes order of the day. Projects to develop citizens’ lives are destroyed prematurely, government tenders are always given to unqualified and undeserving comrades or party members, job opportunities only selectively given to citizens on political affiliations. Critics are starved into submission.

I believe Africa is a sleeping giant. It (the African continent) can fulfill its potential once we stop all these shenanigans and become one, which is the USA.

My proposed inaugural USA president, deputy president and cabinet ministers is driven by the reasons cited above.

I’m very much aware it is not possible to please each one of you out there, but for a start, President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania is desperately and urgently needed to do the cleaning of African demon of corruption.

It is a fact we cannot have all 54 Heads of States to be president for one USA at the same time. Others, though good, must be sacrificed for His Excellency President Magufuli.

I have good reasons why him alone for now:

– Magufuli has demonstrated beyond doubt during his first term as Tanzanian president that corruption – as the continent’s number ONE stumbling block for economic development- can be easily tackled.

– He is completely different from the rest of African Heads of state who are barking dogs that seldom bite.

– Magufuli bites deepest and ruthlessly to corruption perpetrators, either in government or in private sector. That alone gives him a whopping 75 percent marks before looking further into his personality, social life or weaknesses. What Africa needs right now is to deal ruthlessly with corruption before we can start thinking of resisting foreign forces that would want to loot from us, sponsor terrorism or steal our resources.

– He is aptly nicknamed “The Bulldozer.” Barely days into office in the late 2015, had president Magufuli immediately canceled the country’s independence day celebrations directing all the funds budgeted for the event towards development of roads, especially in the commercial city of Dar es Salaam.

– Magufuli also fired a number of government ministers in his anti-corruption fight crusade. Several African presidents, especially from the liberation movements would love to protect their so-called comrades even when it is very clear they are stumbling block to economic development.

– Unnecessary wasting of taxpayers’ money in the form of foreign travel trips was immediately halted in his new government (Tanzania) to save the little the country had. Imagine if the new envisaged USA would do that, we will all be living in an earthly paradise today.

– Chief wasters of state coffers today are civil servants, who trot across the globe without producing desired results for their respective countries. Usually, they fly in business class. President Magufuli has put a stop to such nonsense.

– Magufuli grossly limited overseas or international trips by public officials. If the trip is worthy embarking at, he himself will surely approve and closely monitor results that trip would bring to that country.

– The Reserve Bank revealed that Tanzania saved US$430 million in 2017 alone by limiting foreign travel between November 2015-to-November 2016. The money saved was channeled into development.

– For record’s sake, the desired USA president (Magufuli) has not travelled outside East African region from the time he assumed office. Magufuli only visited neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. You see clearly he is a president who leads by example.

– Records show that Magufuli’s longest trip in the African continent since becoming Head of State was to Ethiopia, the headquarters of the African Union (AU). Love him, hate him, history has it for you dear reader.

– Today we still have many leaders of the so-called governments in waiting, I mean opposition political parties, but they have spent millions travelling to Europe, United States of America, Asian, you name it. Do you think such a leader and his inner circle if ever given the leadership baton stick would ever change their habit? My answer is a big NO!

– Many African countries hate media, but him, allowed first ‘Live parliamentary broadcasts’ in Tanzania. Yes, in southern Africa there is Africa’s most advanced economy – South Africa, which does that too, but here, I’m trying to show you what this new USA president (Magufuli) is doing to deserve what I shared with you. Broadcasting live parliamentary proceedings was unheard of in Tanzania during president Magufuli’s predecessor, who is Jakaya Kikwete.

Although Magufuli initially limited the media coverage to only state-run Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), he however allowed private broadcasting media to come. This confirms mistakes are made but corrected where possible.

The so-called human rights and democracy Western sponsored organisations later ganged up against President Magufuli’s stance on banning pregnant schoolgirls from attending lessons with pregnancies.

– Despite the barking and noises from Western sponsored NGOs, Magufuli did not panic because he knew he was instilling discipline to the female students. He was teaching the girl child that if you focus on education as opposed to sex before attainment of desired qualification or certificates, you ruin your own life, so, as a caring father would punish them (tough loving) from choosing to become mothers before completing their studies.

On this one, I know we will have different views and interpretations, but allow me as well to refer to the creation of the world. Every continent under this planet has its own but different people from the other. This means we also have different climates, different seasons, different weather patterns, different races, different colours, different skins, different foodstuffs and different cultures.

But the West always want to impose own cultures, traditions and beliefs of us Africans yet Jehovah God created us differently and in different continents.

The too much bullying and possessive West always want to force Africans, who don’t eat snakes, dogs or other practices to be like them, hence in most cases we see moral decay that leads into a number of conflict and social vices.

Now, president Magufuli was not deterred by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) freezing their unjustifiable bans of loans to Tanzania.

Surprisingly, two years down the line to the year 2020, which is this year, the World Bank approved a record US$500 million education loan to Tanzania after years of delays because of these moral issues of banning pregnant students from public schools.

Earlier, the World Bank had frozen US$1.7 billion in loans to Tanzania in 2018 following both the pregnant student ban and as well as law making it illegal alleged questioning of official statistics.

Magufuli insisted politicians must desist from the culture of criss-crossing the country in election campaigns to lure voters, though he never banned anybody.

Magufuli’s position was that he should wait for the next election in 2020 to hold rallies as opposed to always campaigning at each given time.

This strategy worked well for him as it grossly affected opposition parties which had the habit of holding gatherings to seek political support from villagers every time even when there are no elections.

Another president, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, is also an inspiration.

Since it is not feasible to have two presidents at the same time, I decided to make president Kagame the inaugural USA deputy president for a number of reasons.

Equally, president Kagame knows very well for Africa to prosper corruption has to be rooted out.

But what inspires me most about Kagame, despite born from a minority Tutsi, he showed the entire world that there is power in forgiveness, unity, peace, love and harmony.

Those who know history well, in just 100 days of the genocide of 1994 in Rwanda, an estimated 900, 000 people, mainly from Kagame’s Tutsi tribe were butchered by ethnic Hutu extremists.

Rwanda is a country dominated, mainly 85% of people of Hutus, who overthrew the Tutsi minority.

However, from the military background, President Kagame as a soldier, when he seized power, he did not wish to see his country divided, but preached one nation, peace, love, forgiveness and harmony before turning the country’s economic fortunes around.

Kagame did not only turn Rwanda from social and political spheres, he equally turned the east African nation economically.

Today, Rwandans of all tribes are walking tall despite individuals here and there are opposed to his rule.

Like I said before in my opening analysis remarks, it is impossible to please every human being just like what we saw in 2011 when Libyans were sponsored to rebel against a leader who made Libyans best nation in the world where every household received free healthcare, free education, free monthly US$1, 000 to unemployed graduates, free fuel allowance, money and houses for newlyweds, but because of incitement from the West, the Libyans were deceived to rebel and kill president Muammar Gaddafi.
Today, the North African nation knows no peace.

So turning to president Kagame, he might not be liked by some, but the majority, as shown by recent election in which he won by historic 99% victory, that confirms he is people’s darling.

He also turned the tiny east African country to rise from ashes of genocide to become an economic force to reckon with in Africa.

To be a leader without principles, discipline, targets and motivation is a disaster. But Kagame made Rwanda what it is today.

Proposed USA Cabinet in Full:
NB: I have made some slight adjustments, only to bring women, whom I had initially omitted.

John Magufuli (Tanzania)

– Professor Patrick Lumumba (Kenya)

– Paul Kagame (Rwanda)

– United Nations (UN) Africa Ambassador Julius Malema (South Africa)
– Europe Union Ambassador Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Nigeria)
– Asia & Pacific Ambassador Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Liberia)
– Middle East Ambassador Hage Geingob (Namibia)

– Foreign Affairs Cyril Ramaphosa (South Africa)
– Home Affairs Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (Egypt)
– Defence Joao Lourenco (Angola)
– Science & Technology Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenya)
– Minister in Presidency NkosazanaDlaminiZuma (South Africa)
– Economic development PritvirajsingRoopun (Mauritius)
– Tourism Mohammed VI (Morocco)
– Transport Bethlehem Alemu (Ethiopia)
– Finance Danny Faure (Seychelles)
– Health Ilhan Omar (Somalia)
– Gender Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Nigeria)
– Trade & industry AbdelmadjidTebboune (Algeria)
– Environment MokgweetsiMasisi (Botswana)
– Energy Nana Akufo-Addo (Ghana)
– Justice Ms FatouBensouda (Gambia)
– Agriculture Dennis SassouNguesso (Congo-Brazzaville)
– Correctional services YoweriMuseveni (Uganda)
– Education EmmersonMnangagwa (Zimbabwe)
– Mining Felix Tshisekedi (Democratic Republic of Congo ‘DRC’)
– Water & sanitation Patrice Talon (Benin)
– Labour Edgar Lungu (Zambia)
– Information MuhammaduBuhari (Nigeria)
– Small businesses ArikanaChihombori-Quao (Zimbabwe)
– Arts & culture Angelique Kidjo (Benin)
– Sports George Weah (Liberia)
– Public enterprises SahleZewde (Ethiopia)
– Public service Kais Saied (Tunisia)
– Youths, women & disabilities Filipe Nyusi (Mozambique)
– Traditional affairs Dr. Stergomena Lawrence Tax (Tanzania)

NB: I know every individual has own choice, but for now we need a Bulldozer, who doesn’t compromise on corruption. We also know the deputy president, who is rich with military background can bark orders to be implement.

NB: Savious-Parker Kwinika is a multiple-award winning African journalist recognised in the fields of Information Technology (IT), Political, Human Rights & Democracy, Environment, Business, Energy and Sports.

Four feedback, email: news@cajnewsafrica.com

– CAJ News

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