Fear as another cyclone approches Mozambique


from ARMANDO DOMINGOS in Maputo, Mozambique
MAPUTO, (CAJ News) PROJECTIONS of yet another cyclone on Mozambique have evoked memories of the deadly Cyclones Idai and Kenneth that left over 600 people dead in 2019.

According to models with an expected accuracy of 60 percent, a tropical cyclone or a tropical storm was expected to make landfall on Monday in the northern region.

The current predicted windspeeds are up to 108 km/h.

The tropical storm might continue to build strength in the Mozambican channel before making landfall again in the central regions.

There is the prediction of one cyclone making landfall in Mozambique this season, with windspeeds similar to that of Idai.

As such, the National Society is preparing for a worst-case scenario and for possible impact on Nampula, Sofala and Zambezia.

According to the last census conducted in 2017, Nampula is home to around 8 million people, Sofala hosts around 1.5 million people and Zambezia is home to some 7 million people.

The National Meteorological Institute (INAM) sent a notice on January 16 alerting to the possible formation of a tropical cyclone due to the high temperatures of the surface water in the Southeast Indian Ocean and Mozambican channel with a low-pressure atmosphere.

“Based on the experience from previous cyclones, it is expected there will be flooding during and after the event, requiring a humanitarian intervention,” the humanitarian agency, Red Cross, stated.

The National Institute of Disaster Management (INGD) is the leading the organising the humanitarian effort.

Cyclone Idai left no less 603 people dead three years ago.

At least 52 people died after Cyclone Kenneth hit the country the same year.

– CAJ News



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