Expert proposes data-driven agriculture


A farmer uses Internet of Things (IoT) with wifi computer-controlled to water crops

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – THE proliferation of affordable monitoring devices and connectivity presents an opportunity for the agricultural sector to embrace data for precision farming and farm security.

This is according to an expert as industries across the board are increasingly taking a data-driven approach to drive efficiency and pro-activity.

“I think that it is important that we first define what we mean with agricultural security and precision farming,” said Priaash Ramadeen, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of The Awareness Company.

The official explained that agricultural security is about reducing loss of income and keeping business and family safe.

“Precision farming focuses on reducing risk and maximising quality and profit. But how will technology and data help you achieve those?” Ramadeen said.

The answer, he said, lies in awareness and visibility across the business.

“Data also gives you a deeper understanding of what is going on, providing the farmer with the inputs required to understand their unique situations and challenges,” Ramadeen said.

“It helps the farmer remove uncertainty by supplementing their gut and instinct with data-driven decision-making based on facts. It allows the farmer to enhance, elevate and grow their operations and results in far better decisions and ultimately actions,” Ramadeen added.

The Awareness Company has xreated HYDRA as a data-agnostic solution, to collect data from sensors from different systems and aggregate it to provide agricultural security patterns and trends.

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