Telkom 5G network goes live


Telkom Partners with Huawei to Launch 5G

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – TELKOM has stepped into the growing fifth-generation mobile network (5G) market in South Africa.

The country’s third largest operator, with over 17,3 million subscribers, has launched its network in partnership with Huawei.

“In the past 24 months, Telkom has meticulously built its 5G network capacity to one with a national footprint,” stated Lunga Siyo, Chief Executive Officer of Telkom Consumer and Business.

He said at launch, which was held in Johannesburg, Telkom will primarily focus on providing superfast 5G Fixed Wireless Access solutions and as the demand for mobile 5G increases, Telkom would supplement this with suitable mobile propositions.

“We are excited to offer our consumers even faster internet speeds that will greatly enhance their home and business digital experiences through the improved network responsiveness,” Siyo continued.

The 5G network is an ultra-speed, superior internet connection that supersedes the previous LTE and 4G connections.

It is anticipated this next-generation network will open up new opportunities for smart cities, businesses, healthcare, manufacturing and autonomous vehicles.

“Although 5G stands head and shoulders above 4G and LTE through faster and more reliable connection it provides, however it was critical for us to make sure that our existing 4G ecosystem remains strong whilst introducing 5G into the market,” Siyo said.

Huawei, as Telkom’s strategic partner, will build 5G networks and pledged to support Telkom achieve business success in the 5G era.

“We look forward to creating opportunities for consumers and business, beyond connectivity, into intelligent digital services,” said Fortune Wang Director of Huawei South Africa, Carrier Business.

– CAJ News




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