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from OKORO CHINEDU in Lagos, Nigeria
Nigeria Bureau
LAGOS, (CAJ News) – NIGERIA has recorded a considerable increase in broadband subscriptions over the past year to 90 million.

The figure for December 2022 represents an increase of 16 percent from the same period in 2021.

This represents a penetration rate of 47,4 percent.

FBN Quest stated the progress seen in recent years in terms of mobile broadband penetration could be largely attributed to significant investments made in the development of fixed broadband infrastructure across the country by the network providers.

According to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), mobile broadband accounts for over 99 percent of the country’s broadband connections due to the ease and relatively low cost of acquiring mobile lines.

“As such, the growth in broadband connections broadly mirrors the increase in mobile internet subscriptions, and by extension, active mobile subscribers,” FBN Quest explained.

The market watcher noted the steady growth in broadband penetration is laudable due to its beneficial effects on economic activity, particularly in sectors like e-commerce, fintech, and education.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) estimates that a 10 percent increase in broadband penetration will lead to additional GDP growth of 2 percent and 1,8 percent for low- and middle-income countries, respectively.

Based on the Nigerian National Broadband Plan 2020-2025, the government seeks to achieve 90 percent population coverage and broadband penetration of 70 percent by 2025.

The scheme also seeks to deliver data download speeds across the country of a minimum of 25 megabits per second (mbps) in urban areas and 10mbps in rural areas.

According to the plan, the government projects a broadband penetration rate of 50 percent by 2023.

“Given the steady growth in mobile penetration, we see the government delivering on this penetration target this year,” FBN Quest stated.

The West African country boasts the largest economy and biggest population, estimated at 219 million.

– CAJ News

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