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Mpesa payment solution

from JEAN KASSONGO in Kinshasa, DRC
DRC Bureau
KINSHASA, (CAJ News) – THE partnership between Vodacom’s M-Pesa and Water Distribution Board of the Democratic Republic of Congo (REGIDESO) is anticipated to enhance financial inclusion in the country.

M-Pesa is extending its payment facilitation service to offer REGIDESO subscribers the choice of paying their bills by M-Pesa, wherever they are, round the clock.

Vodacash’s M-Pesa platform is hailed for playing a fundamental role in promoting financial inclusion in the DRC.

M-Pesa has enabled previously unbanked or underbanked people to access financial services by leveraging mobile technology.

“At times like this end of the month, being late or not paying bills can lead to water supply interruption and many other harmful consequences,” said Jean Kabongo, Operations Manager at Vodacash.

The official said the inability to pay water bills is a situation that many Congolese face occasionally.

The constraints associated with long queues and the remoteness of collection points can lead to delays in bill payment.

“M-Pesa’s innovation comes at just the right time, responding to a felt need by enabling Congolese people to pay their water bills anytime, anywhere. Bill payment becomes even easier with M-Pesa,” Kabongo said.

Through M-Pesa, Congolese SMEs can now accept electronic payments effortlessly, expand their customer base and access new business opportunities.

“As our customers get a taste of digital tools, they mature the desire to be able to shop on fully digitized platforms, which is why we’re seeing e-commerce starting to grow in the DRC,” said Hashim Mukudi, Managing Director of Vodacash.

Vodacash is a subsidiary of Vodacom Congo.

Khalil-Al-Americani, Managing Director of Vodacom Congo and Chairman of Vodacash, said by promoting electronic transactions and reducing dependence on cash, M-Pesa improves the flow of financial transactions, transparency and security.

“It also promotes e-commerce, digital entrepreneurship, and thus the overall development of a digital ecosystem,” said the executive.

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