BRICS: SA plays down ‘new scramble for Africa’


BRICS leaders

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – SOUTH Africa, the continent’s sole member of the BRICS, has downplayed the so-called second scramble for Africa.

The country rather welcomes the possibility of an inception of more African countries into the bloc that has emerged as the most powerful alliance of emerging-market economies over the course of the century, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS).

Combined, the BRICS bloc has an estimated gross domestic product (GDP) of over US$26,03 trillion in 2022, slightly more than the United States. Statistics indicate BRICS countries together contribute around 31,5 percent of the global GDP, compared to 30,7 per cent by Group of Seven (G7) countries.

This week, South Africa hosted the third BRICS Political Parties Plus Dialogue, in Johannesburg. The country is scheduled to host the BRICS Summit next month.

President Cyril Rampahosa noted the event came on the back of the continent seeing world powers having been on the continent and made promises to help in some difficulties faced by African countries.

“Indeed, African leadership has been invited to many conferences where many other undertakings were made,” he said.

Ramaphosa said consequently, some in academia are calling this interest in the continent a “new scramble for Africa.”

“However, as leaders of the continent and our countries, we are immersed in the work of serving our people,” he assured.

“Therefore, we search for solutions that could help our countries individually and collectively,” Ramaphosa continued.

“We are therefore practical and incisive whenever we respond to these invitations. We are searching for solutions to solve the people’s problems.”

The US has been making the most overtures to Africa, which appears a drive to counter the influence of China, America’s biggest economic rival.

In April, Vice-President Kamala Harris completed a three-nation trip to Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia.

President Joe Biden is scheduled to visit the continent due later this year.

The administration has been in power since 2021.

Last week, Botswana hosted the US-Africa Business Summit.

Ramaphosa noted there were indications many countries were showing interest in being part of BRICS.

“This is also humbling,” he said.

“We trust that the discussions during this dialogue will develop proposals regarding the criteria for expanding BRICS, work out modalities of expanding and give clear guidelines on how to further strengthen its institutional mechanisms.”

From Africa, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, Tunisia and Zimbabwe have been reported to be ready to join BRICS.

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