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This article provides information on how to access the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) CP2 Portal login, also known as the KNEC Contracted Professionals Platform (CP2) portal or the KNEC Invigilation Portal. KNEC has automated the management of contracted professionals across various functional business areas to enhance efficiency and accountability.


The Contracted Professionals System (CP2) is an integrated electronic system designed to automate the management of officers who assist KNEC in administering examinations. Its primary aim is to capture correct, accurate, and timely details of all personnel involved in examination supervision, invigilation, and management. This system streamlines processes for payment claims, monitors examination attendance, ensures accountability, and facilitates query resolutions.

Steps for Accessing, Registering, Capturing, and Submitting Details on the KNEC CP2 Portal

For First-Time Users

1. Visit the KNEC Contracted Professionals’ website at http://cp2.knec.ac.ke.

2. Use the link/URL http://cp2.knec.ac.ke/ to access the CP2 portal.

3. Click “Create account” to register in the contracted professional system.

4. Enter your mobile number (e.g., 254722645678) and confirm it.

5. Click “Create.” You will receive a message confirming that login details (username and password) and a link to access the CP2 system have been sent to the phone used for creating the account.

6. Confirm the receipt of login credentials from the provided phone number.

7. Refer to the user manual for comprehensive guidelines on registration, system access, filling in details, application for a vacancy, and submission of your details.

For Existing Users

1. Enter your username and password.

2. Click “Login” to access the contracted professionals’ home page.

3. To update/edit details, click on the “Profile” link for viewing, editing, and updating specific details such as Personal Information, Work Experience, and Qualifications.

4. To apply for a job/vacancy, select the correct information by clicking the drop-down menus under “Jobs/Vacancy.” Search for the desired position, select, confirm, and click “Submit.”

For Existing Users Who Forgot Their Password

1. SMS “password” to 22262, and a new password will be sent to your phone. Use the received password to log in.

Application for a Job/Vacancy on the KNEC CP2 Portal

Contracted professionals who have successfully registered and submitted profile details can proceed to apply for available vacancies. Job vacancies are grouped based on the specific examination, activity type, duty station, position/designation (role), county, and sub-county.

Table 1: KNEC Job Selection Guidelines

  • Exam: Select the type of examination for your job application (e.g., KCPE, KCSE).
  • Activity: Select the activity you will oversee (e.g., supervision and invigilation).
  • Duty Station: Choose the venue of the activity (e.g., examination center, distribution center).
  • Position: Select your role/designation (e.g., Center Manager, Invigilator, Clerk).
  • County: Choose the county where the activity will take place (e.g., Kisii, Baringo, Narok).
  • Sub-County: Select the specific sub-county within the county you chose.
  • Search Button: Click to generate specific job options based on your selections.

Viewing and Applying for a Specific Job

The feedback message for the specific job you select will show details and the number of positions available. If the details are inaccurate, you can repeat the job application process.

Click the highlighted feedback message to confirm the job application.

Submitting an Application for a Selected Job

  • Read the details displayed to ensure they are accurate before submission.
  • Confirm the application by clicking the checkbox.
  • Click “Submit Application.”
  • You will receive a confirmation message: “Thank you for submitting your application. The application shall be reviewed, and you shall be notified shortly!”

Withdrawing an Application

If you need to withdraw an application after submission, click the “Withdraw Application” tab, and you can reapply.

Logging Out

Make sure to log out of the system to prevent unauthorized access by third parties.

This guide provides the steps for accessing and using the KNEC CP2 Portal, ensuring that contracted professionals can efficiently apply for examination-related positions and maintain the accuracy and accountability of their information.

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