How to apply for Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) Online

In a strategic move to enhance travel efficiency and security, the Kenyan Government introduced a transformative shift for travelers commencing January 1, 2024. The traditional Visa system was replaced by the cutting-edge Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), marking a significant leap in travel documentation. This comprehensive guide navigates through the intricacies of the Kenya ETA, elucidating the application process, associated costs, and providing a direct link to the official ETA website.

Understanding the Kenya ETA System

The ETA system signifies a departure from the traditional eVisa system, streamlining and digitizing the process for travelers bound for Kenya. This digital platform ensures meticulous identification and mandatory security clearances for all visitors before embarking on their journey. The ETA not only eliminates the need for a Visa but also fortifies Kenya’s commitment to basic safety and security standards, heralding a new era in travel documentation.

To embark on this seamless travel journey, visit the official ETA Kenya website and follow the detailed application procedure. The processing fee for the ETA is USD 30, payable online during the application process. It is imperative for all non-Kenyan citizen visitors, including infants and children, to secure an approved ETA before initiating their travel to the Republic of Kenya.

The ETA Application Process

The Ministry of Interior and National Administration, State Department for Immigration and Citizen has orchestrated the Republic of Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) as a semi-automated system. This system efficiently determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to Kenya, offering permission granted and authorized by the Government of the Republic of Kenya.

Application Criteria and Recommendations

  1. Eligibility and Exemptions:
    • Kenya citizens and citizens of EAC Partner States are exempt from the ETA requirement (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda)
    • The eTA application must be submitted at least three days before travel, with a window to submit applications up to three months in advance.
    • Travellers are advised to apply as soon as flight tickets and accommodations or tour packages in Kenya are confirmed.
  2. Application Channels:
    • Only the Government’s official website,, should be used to submit applications.
    • Applications submitted through third-party websites will be automatically denied.
    • For children under the age of 18, the legal guardian, parent, or accompanying adult is responsible for the application.
  3. Benefits of ETA System:
    • Submissions can be made from the comfort of one’s home, allowing travellers to provide all necessary information and documentation before commencing their journey.
    • Eliminates the need to fill out forms during the flight or upon arrival.
    • Simplifies the check-in process for airlines, allowing carriers to verify travellers’ authorization efficiently.
    • Reduces queues during arrival processes, including health, customs, and immigration inspections.
    • Supports the Republic of Kenya’s digitization efforts for streamlined government processes.

Required Information for ETA Application

To complete the ETA application successfully, the following information is required:

  • Valid Passport
  • Recent passport picture or a selfie taken during the application process
  • Contact details (home address, telephone, email)
  • Travel information and flight itinerary (arrival flight number, date of departure, in the case of connecting flights)
  • Proof of booking for the stay (hotel reservation or a letter of invitation if staying with friends)
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate for visitors from endemic countries
  • Credit/Debit card information for the USD 30 processing fee

Permission and Boarding

While an ETA grants permission from the Kenyan Government to travel to the Republic of Kenya, it does not guarantee boarding. Travelers must present a valid ETA during check-in and boarding, alongside other required documents such as passports and boarding passes. It’s essential to note that travellers may still be subjected to questioning at departure or arrival points, potentially impacting boarding decisions.

Troubleshooting Payment Issues

For all visitors, a valid Credit or Debit card is required for payment, as cheques and cash are not accepted. If payment issues arise, waiting a few minutes and reattempting the transaction is recommended, ensuring sufficient funds are available.

Post-Application Considerations: What If Your ETA is Declined?

If an ETA application is denied, travellers will not be allowed to proceed with their journey. In such cases, contacting is essential to report the situation and seek further details.

Do Children Need To Apply For ETA For Kenya

Yes, all foreign visitors, including children under the age of 18, must apply for an ETA. The legal guardian, parent, or accompanying adult is responsible for filling in the application. Families are encouraged to apply as a group for a smoother travel experience.

Conclusion: Embracing a New Chapter in Kenyan Travel

As the Republic of Kenya embraces the digital frontier in travel documentation, the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) emerges as a beacon of efficiency and security. Navigating this streamlined process not only ensures a hassle-free travel experience but also contributes to the broader goals of promoting tourism, economic growth, and enhanced security measures. By adhering to the recommended application timeline and leveraging the benefits of the ETA system, travellers become active participants in the seamless integration of technology into the realm of Kenyan travel, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the country’s journey towards a digitized future.

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