How to change SASSA Payment Details

If you are a SASSA grant beneficiary, you might be wondering about the most efficient way to receive your grant, especially if you prefer the convenience of having it sent directly to your personal bank account. In this guide, we will explore the various aspects of SASSA grants, payment methods, and eligibility criteria, providing you with valuable insights for a smoother grant experience.

Understanding SASSA Grants

Millions of South African citizens rely on social grants administered by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) to enhance their quality of life. These grants are designed to assist individuals facing financial challenges due to factors such as poverty, disability, or old age. SASSA provides different types of grants, including those for older persons, disability, war veterans, care dependency, foster children, child support, and grant-in-aid.

How SASSA Makes Payments

SASSA employs various methods to disburse grant payments, catering to the diverse needs of beneficiaries. These methods include using the SASSA Card, CashSend services, and direct bank transfers.

Direct Bank Transfer for Permanent SASSA Grants

If you are a permanent beneficiary of specific grants, such as the grant for older persons, disability grant, war veterans grant, care dependency grant, foster child grant, child support grant, or grant-in-aid, you have the option to receive your grant directly into your personal bank account. Follow these steps:

  1. SASSA Annexure C Form: Obtain a SASSA Annexure C (bank form) from any SASSA office or download it online. This form is crucial for requesting that your grant be paid directly to your bank account.
  2. Completing the Form:
    • Print out the form.
    • Take it to your bank to be filled in and stamped.
    • Submit the completed form to a SASSA local office for capturing and processing.
  3. Biometric Verification:
    • Beneficiaries need to submit the form to their local SASSA office to use their biometric information, such as fingerprints, to confirm the request for a change in the payment method and bank details.
  4. Processing and Payment:
    • Once the written request is processed, SASSA will deposit the social grant money directly into the designated bank account.

Social Relief of Distress SRD R350 Grant and Banking Details

During challenging times, such as the recent pandemic, the government introduced the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant to assist those facing financial hardships. Beneficiaries of this grant can choose to have their payments made directly to their bank accounts. Here’s how:

  1. SRD Website:
    • Visit the SRD website at
    • Choose to proceed under the ‘South African ID Holders’ section.
  2. Changing Banking Details:
    • Scroll down to the “How do I change my banking details” section.
    • Insert your ID number.
    • An SMS containing the SASSA banking details link will be sent to your mobile phone number used during the SRD application.
  3. Providing Bank Information:
    • Open the banking details link in the SMS.
    • Capture Bank name, Account type, and Account number.
    • Click Submit.

Note: Ensure that you submit your own bank account details, as SASSA cannot pay your grant into another person’s bank account.

Alternative Ways to Receive Your SASSA Grant

If you prefer not to receive your grant money via a bank account, there are alternative methods available:

CashSend Services

Beneficiaries without a bank account can receive their grant through CashSend services. This method requires beneficiaries to use their ID numbers and phone numbers to access their grant money. Ensure that your cell phone is registered in your name, as this is how SASSA verifies the correct beneficiary.

Checkers, Pick n Pay & Boxer Stores

SASSA has introduced the option for beneficiaries to access their grants by visiting selected stores such as Checkers, Boxer, or Pick n Pay. Before heading to the store, beneficiaries must wait for an SMS confirming that their grant is ready for collection.

Important: Do not go to the store until you have received a confirmation SMS, and ensure that the store has sufficient cash flow to make grant payments.

Shoprite Group

The Shoprite Group has facilitated grant holders to collect their payments at any of their 1,286 supermarkets across South Africa, including Checkers, USave, OK, and Shoprite stores. Beneficiaries need to provide their ID and cell phone number, which must match the number used to register on the SASSA database to prevent fraud.

Eligibility Requirements for SASSA Grants

Before applying for a SASSA grant, it’s essential to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria:

  1. South African Citizenship or Permanent Residency:
    • Beneficiaries must be either South African citizens or permanent residents.
  2. Residency:
    • Beneficiaries should reside within the borders of South Africa.
  3. Age Requirements:
    • Older persons grant: 60 years and older.
    • Disability grant: Under 18 years or older than 18 but unable to work due to a disability.
    • Child support grant: Caregivers of children under the age of 18.
    • Foster child grant: Foster parents or caregivers of foster children.
  4. Means Test:
    • The applicant’s income and assets must fall below a certain threshold to qualify.
  5. Not Receiving Other Social Grants:
    • Beneficiaries should not be receiving any other social grant from the government.
  6. Application Process:
    • Complete and submit the relevant application form along with necessary supporting documents.
  7. Compliance with SASSA Regulations:
    • Beneficiaries must comply with SASSA regulations and procedures.

These grants serve as a lifeline for millions of South Africans facing financial struggles. By understanding the payment options, eligibility criteria, and application processes, beneficiaries can navigate the SASSA grant landscape with greater ease.

Note: This guide provides a general overview, and for specific cases or unique situations, it’s advisable to contact SASSA directly or visit their official website for the latest and most accurate information.

In conclusion, SASSA grants play a crucial role in supporting individuals and families in need, and the agency continues to evolve its methods to ensure accessibility and convenience for beneficiaries. Whether through direct bank transfers, alternative methods, or in-store collections, SASSA strives to make grant payments more accessible to those who depend on them.

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