Do Debit Orders Go Off On A Weekend in South African banks?

Think of debit orders as a no hassle payment strategy where you opt in to an automatic payment system that deduct an actual agreed amount directly from your bank account.

We could also call it, the ultimate ‘‘set it and forget it’’ approach to managing recurring expenses, ensuring timely payment and avoiding overdue interest fees.

However, this method can as well go wrong and have a severe impact on one’s financial condition if proper procedures are not instructed when subscribing to this means of payment. 

However, let’s hold a sec and ask: do debit orders go off on a weekend in south africa? Would you have to pay an interest for a skipped weekend transaction? 

Do Debit Orders Go Off On A Weekend Or Public Holiday

No, debit orders typically do not go off on weekends or public holidays in South Africa. Instead during weekends, if your debit order is scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday, it will usually be processed on the next business day.

And for public holidays, the same process applies too. Debit orders scheduled for public holidays are usually processed on the next business day.

However, there are a few exceptions which do not abide by these principles. For example, instant transfers and cell phone payment  goes through on the same day and may not be affected by weekends or public holidays.

Also, specific agreements between you and a business might include weekend debit orders and they will not go off. 

This leads to the fact that, each financial organisation in south africa has its own debit order policies which they abide by and it should be clearly stated in the agreement you have with them.

To deepen our knowledge on debit orders in South Africa, let’s clarify across different banks, do debit orders usually go through on weekends?

Do Debit Orders Go Off On A Weekend Capitec

Debit orders don’t go off on weekends for capitec bank users. Although, this expression is not explicitly backed up by capitec.

However, if there isn’t enough money in your account to cover every debit order initiated, your debit order won’t be paid and capitec bank will charge you a penalty fee. 

You’ll pay a debit order rejection fee (as high as R115), including a late payment and interest fee. Also, any bounced debit orders will also be recorded against your credit profile information.

Do Debit Orders Go Off On A Weekend Standard Bank

Standard bank debit orders don’t go off on weekends, your order would be processed on the next working days. However, just like capitec, not being able to pay your debit order on the due date would result in penalty fees and added interest to your account.

And if during the course of a debit initialization, your debit order bounced, it can cause a negative impact on your credit score and even hinder you from getting future loans if the process keeps repeating. 

Do Debit Orders Go Off On A Weekend FNB 

FNB debit orders typically do not go off on weekends or public holidays. If you use FNB and you’re unsure about when your debit order will be processed, especially if it’s scheduled for a weekend or public holiday, it’s best to ask them directly. 

Do Debit Orders Go Off On Nedbank

At Nedbank, debit orders don’t go off on weekends or public holidays. It will move the debit order to the next working day or contact you if they’re going to take the money before the due date. 

A notable attribute about Nedbank is any money you transferred from a Nedbank account to another Nedbank account will go through on the same day, including weekends and public holidays.

Do Debit Orders Go Off On  ABSA

For debit orders at ABSA, your debit orders would not go off on weekends. However, for bigger holiday seasons, your order would be rescheduled to be debited earlier than agreed. You can as well dispute decisions and if your balance is insufficient on the rescheduled date, then the original agreed date would be set for the next transaction.

This would however not affect your credit profile in the long run. For example, if your debit order is said to take place on the 22nd of december which happens to be holidays, ABSA can reschedule your payment to 14th of december, however, if your account balance is insufficient during this period then the transaction would be carried out on the 22nd or the next business day.


Debit orders in South Africa banks generally don’t process on weekends or public holidays. They’ll usually wait until the next business day. However, exceptions exist like specific agreements or instant payments. Make sure to check with your bank for detailed information.

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