How to check CRB status online in Kenya

A CRB is a licensed entity authorized by the Central Bank of Kenya to collect, store, and distribute credit information on individuals and businesses. These bureaus generate credit reports that are utilized by lenders, employers, and other stakeholders to evaluate creditworthiness, determining one’s ability to manage debt responsibly.

Importance of Your Credit Report

Your credit report serves as a comprehensive record of your borrowing history, encompassing loans, credit card activity, and repayment patterns. It significantly impacts your financial opportunities, influencing your ability to:

Obtain Loans

A favorable credit score enhances the likelihood of loan approval and qualifies you for lower interest rates. Conversely, a poor credit rating may lead to loan denials or higher interest charges.

Secure Employment

Some employers may mandate a Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) clearance certificate as part of their background screening process, making your credit report a factor in employment prospects.

The Top CRBs in Kenya

Kenya boasts three primary CRBs:

How to Check Your CRB Credit Score Status Online

While there’s no cost-free CRB status check available in Kenya, each bureau provides paid options:


  • Website: Visit the Metropol website and follow the prompts (KES 250 for a credit report).
  • Mobile App: Download the Metropol Crystobol app from Google Play Store or App Store and proceed as instructed (KES 100 fee).


  • Website: Visit the TransUnion website and navigate through the steps (fees apply).
  • Mobile App: Download the TransUnion Nipashe app from Google Play Store and follow on-screen guidance.
  • SMS: Send your full national ID name to 21272, register by paying KES 50 via Safaricom Paybill 212121 using your ID number as the account number, and then request your credit status for a fee.

CreditInfo Kenya

  • Website: Visit the CreditInfo Kenya website and adhere to the instructions to apply for a credit report (fees apply), with reports delivered via email.

Obtaining a CRB Clearance Certificate

Upon settling all outstanding debts, you can procure a CRB Clearance Certificate for approximately Ksh 2,200 from any CRB. This certificate validates your commendable credit standing.

Maintaining a Positive Credit History

To sustain a positive credit history, consider the following recommendations:

  • Consistently pay bills on time.
  • Borrow within your means and avoid excessive debt.
  • Regularly monitor your credit report for inaccuracies and address them promptly.
  • Exercise caution when applying for new credit accounts.

By comprehending CRBs and effectively managing your credit, you can enhance your financial well-being and access superior financial opportunities within Kenya.

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