How to apply for an e-Passport in Tanzania

The introduction of the e-Passport in Tanzania marks a significant step forward, streamlining the application process and ushering in a new era of secure and convenient international travel.

This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of acquiring a Tanzanian e-Passport. We’ll navigate the essential requirements, explore the supporting documents needed for various travel purposes, and equip you with valuable tips for a smooth application process. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or embarking on your first international voyage, this guide will ensure your journey begins with confidence.

Requirements for e-Passport Application:

General Requirements:

  1. Birth Certificate: Birth certificate or Affidavit of Birth.
  2. Parents’ Documents: Birth certificate or Affidavit of Birth (or Certificate of Naturalization) for one or both parents.
  3. National Identity Card: Valid Tanzanian National Identity Card.
  4. Passport Photos: Five recent passport-sized photographs.
  5. Consent for Minors: Written consent from parent or legal guardian for minors.

Supporting Documents (Based on Trip Purpose):

  • Private Trip: Proof of planned activities, invitation letter from host (if applicable), permission letter from employer or local authority.
  • Employment Trip: Offer of employment or employment contract, academic certificates, relevant documents from recruiting agents/companies, letter from local authority.
  • Study Trip: Admission letter from educational institution, academic certificates, sponsorship letter (if applicable), proof of fee payment, permission letter from employer or guardian for minors.
  • Religious Trip: Invitation letter from religious organization, letter from registered religious organization.
  • Medical Treatment Trip: Proof from medical practitioner or authorization letter from Ministry of Health.
  • Sports Trip: Letter from sports federation or association, invitation letter (if applicable).
  • Official Trip: Authorization letter from employer, invitation letter (if applicable), employment identification card.
  • Business Trip: Valid business license, Tax Identification Number (TIN), letter from local authority.
  • Seaman Trip: Contract of employment, seaman discharge book, academic certificates, letter from Seaman Union.

Application Process:

  1. Collect Application Forms: Obtain application form from chosen location or download online.
  2. Fill Out Application: Complete application form accurately, ensuring all information matches supporting documents.
  3. Submit Application: Pay required fees and submit completed application form with necessary documents.

Additional Notes:

  • Immigration authorities may request additional documents.
  • Check with nearest Regional Immigration Office, Immigration Headquarters, or Tanzanian Embassy for updates.
  • Application process may vary depending on location.

Ensure to follow the specific procedures outlined by the authorities and provide all necessary documents to facilitate a smooth application process for your e-Passport in Tanzania.

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