Fuel Price for South Africa: April 2024 Projections (Inland and Coastal)

The latest projections from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) for April 2024 suggest a mixed bag for South African drivers. While initial optimism pointed towards a decrease in diesel prices, recent developments have dampened those hopes.

Market Shifts:

  • A rise in Brent crude oil price and a weakening rand against the dollar have impacted predictions.
  • This follows price increases for both petrol and diesel in March 2024.

Projected Changes (Assuming Stable Market Conditions):

Fuel TypeInland (R/L)Coastal (R/L)Change (Inland)Change (Coastal)
Petrol 9324.4623.75+0.33+0.34
Petrol 9524.7924.07+0.34+0.34
Diesel 0.05%21.98** – 22.27**21.46** – 21.75**-0.44 to -0.15-0.24 to -0.18
Diesel 0.005%22.13** – 22.42**21.61** – 21.90**-0.49 to -0.20-0.32 to -0.03
Illuminating Paraffin16.1215.19-0.36-0.36

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Important Note:

  • These are projections based on current market conditions, which can fluctuate.
  • Final price changes for petrol and diesel will be confirmed in the coming weeks, with the new prices taking effect on April 2nd.
  • Bold price ranges indicate a decrease depending on the final market conditions.

Current Fuel Prices (March 2024)

Fuel TypeInland (R/L)Coastal (R/L)
Petrol 9324.1323.41
Petrol 9524.4523.73
Diesel 0.05%22.4221.70
Diesel 0.005%22.6221.93
Illuminating Paraffin16.4815.55

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Fuel Price Factors:

  • International price of petroleum products (mainly driven by oil prices)
  • Rand/dollar exchange rate used to purchase these products

Stay Informed:

  • The final price changes will be confirmed closer to April.
  • Monitor news sources for updates.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider adopting fuel-efficient driving habits to manage fuel costs.
  • Shop around for competitive fuel prices at different stations.

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