May/June 2024 Matric Senior Certificate SC Exam Rewrite Timetable

May/June 2024 Matric Senior Certificate (SC Exam Rewrite Timetable. The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has unveiled the timetable for the forthcoming May/June matriculation examinations. This encompasses both the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations for new candidates and the Senior Certificate (SC) exam retakes.

Scheduled to commence in late April and extend through June, the examination regimen initiates with a series of smaller language subjects, culminating with English in the afternoon session.

WEEK 109:0014:00
MondayHindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu, Urdu HL P1 (2hrs)English HL P1 (2hrs)*
29 AprilFAL P1 (2hrs), SAL P1 (2hrs)English FAL P1 (2hrs)*
Arabic, French, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, ModernEnglish SAL P1 (2hrs)
Greek, Serbian, Spanish SAL P1 (2hrs)
Latin SAL P1 (3hrs)
TuesdayPortuguese, German HL P1 (2hrs)Religion Studies P1 (2hrs)*
30 AprilPortuguese, German FAL P1 (2hrs)Information Technology P2 Theory (3hrs)*
Portuguese, German SAL P1 (2hrs)
1 May
ThursdayHindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu, Urdu HL P2Computer Applications Tech P2 Theory (3hrs)*
2 May(21⁄2hrs)
FAL P2 (2hrs), SAL P2 (2hrs)
Arabic, French, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, Modern
Greek, Serbian, Spanish SAL P2 (2hrs)
Latin SAL P2 (2hrs)
FridayPortuguese, German HL P2 (21⁄2hrs)Mathematics P1 (3hrs)*
3 MayPortuguese, German FAL P2 (2hrs)Mathematical Literacy P1 (3hrs)*
Portuguese, German SAL P2 (2hrs)Technical Mathematics P1 (3hrs)
WEEK 209:0014:00
MondayInformation Technology P1 (3hrs) Practical*Mathematics P2 (3hrs)*
6 MayMathematical Literacy P2 (3hrs) *
Technical Mathematics P2 (3hrs)
TuesdayEngineering Graphics and Design P1 (3hrs)Accounting P1 (2hrs)*
7 May
WednesdayHindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu, Urdu HL P3Geography (Climate and Weather, Geomorphology and
8 May(21⁄2hrs)Map Work) P1 (3hrs)*
FAL P3 (21⁄2hrs)
Portuguese, German HL P3 (21⁄2hrs)
Portuguese, German FAL P3 (21⁄2hrs)
ThursdaySport and Exercise Science (3hrs)Afrikaans HL P1 (2hrs)*
9 MayAfrikaans FAL P1 (2hrs)*
Afrikaans SAL P1 (2hrs)
FridayEngineering Graphics and Design P2 (3hrs)Physical Sciences (Physics) P1 (3hrs)*
10 MayTechnical Sciences P1 (3hrs)
WEEK 309:0014:00
MondayDance Studies (3hrs)Physical Sciences (Chemistry) P2 (3hrs)*
13 MayTechnical Sciences P2 (11⁄2hrs)
TuesdayComputer Applications Tech P1 (3hrs) Practical*Accounting P2 (2hrs)*
14 May
WednesdayDesign P1 (3hrs)Afrikaans HL P2 (21⁄2hrs)*
15 MayAfrikaans FAL (21⁄2hrs)*
Afrikaans SAL P2 (11⁄2hrs)
ThursdaySouth African Sign Language HL P1 (2hrs)isiZulu, isiXhosa, SiSwati, isiNdebele HL P1 (2hrs)*, FAL
16 MayP1 (2hrs)*, SAL P1 (2hrs)
Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, Xitsonga,
Tshivenda HL P1 (2hrs)*, FAL P1 (2hrs)*, SAL P1 (2hrs)
FridayMarine Sciences P1 (21⁄2hrs)Life Sciences P1 (21⁄2hrs)*
17 May
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WEEK 409:0014:00
MondayAgricultural Management Practices (3hrs)Life Sciences P2 (21⁄2hrs)*
20 May
TuesdayElectrical Technology (3hrs)English HL P2 (21⁄2hrs)*
21 MayEnglish FAL P2 (21⁄2hrs)*
English SAL P2 (11⁄2hrs)
WednesdayDramatic Arts (3hrs)Business Studies P1 (2hrs)*
22 May
ThursdayMaritime Economics (3hrs)Geography (Rural and Urban Settlement, Economic
23 MayEquine Studies (3hrs)Geography of SA and Map Work) P2 (3hrs)*
FridayConsumer Studies (3hrs)Economics P1 (2hrs)*
24 MayHospitality Studies (3hrs)
WEEK 509:0014:00
MondayMarine Sciences P2 (21⁄2hrs)History P1 (3hrs)*
27 May
28 May
29 May
30 May
FridaySouth African Sign Language HL P2 (21⁄2hrs)isiZulu, isiXhosa, SiSwati, isiNdebele HL P2 (21⁄2hrs)*,
31 MayFAL P2 (21⁄2hrs)*, SAL P2 (11⁄2hrs)
Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, Xitsonga,
Tshivenda HL P2 (21⁄2hrs)*, FAL P2 (21⁄2hrs)*,
SAL P2 (11⁄2hrs)
WEEK 609:0014:00
MondayTourism (3hrs)Business Studies P2 (2hrs)*
3 June
TuesdayCivil Technology (3hrs)History P2 (3hrs)*
4 June
WednesdaySouth African Sign Language HL P3 (3hrs)isiZulu, isiXhosa, SiSwati, isiNdebele HL P3 (3hrs)*
5 JuneFAL P3 (21⁄2hrs)*, SAL P3 (21⁄2hrs)
Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, Xitsonga, Tshivenda HL P3
(3hrs)*, FAL P3 (21⁄2hrs)*, SAL P3 (21⁄2hrs)
ThursdayAgricultural Technology (3hrs)Agricultural Sciences P1 (21⁄2hrs)*
6 JuneNautical Science P1 (3hrs)
FridayMusic P1 Theory (3hrs)English HL P3 (3hrs)*
7 JuneMechanical Technology (3hrs)English FAL P3 (21⁄2hrs)*
English SAL P3 (21⁄2hrs)
WEEK 709:0014:00
MondayMusic P2 Comprehension (11⁄2hrs)Economics P2 (2hrs)*
10 June
TuesdayVisual Arts P1 (3hrs)Afrikaans HL P3 (3hrs)*
11 JuneAfrikaans FAL P3 (21⁄2hrs)*
Afrikaans SAL P3 (21⁄2hrs)
WednesdayReligion Studies P2 (2hrs)*
12 June
ThursdayCAT P1 Rewrite (3hrs) Practical*Agricultural Sciences P2 (21⁄2hrs)*
13 JuneIT P1 Rewrite ((3hrs) Practical*Nautical Science P2 (3hrs)
14 June
PLEASE NOTE: Senior Certificate candidates can only sit for subjects marked with an asterisk (*).
Enquiries:Dr R Poliah – Chief Directorate: National Assessment and Public Examinations;
012 357 3900

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