SASSA Old Age Grant Payment Dates and Amounts for 2024

SASSA Old Age Grant, often known as the Old Age Pensioners Grant, is a monthly allowance provided to citizens, legal permanent residents, and refugees aged 60 or above who lack alternative sources of income. This subsidy aims to provide financial aid to our senior citizens who are no longer able to engage in employment.

MonthPayment DateOld Age Pension (60-74)Old Age Pension (75+)
April 20243 April 2024R2,180R2,200
May 20243 May 2024R2,180R2,200
June 20244 June 2024R2,180R2,200
July 20242 July 2024R2,180R2,200
August 20242 August 2024R2,180R2,200
September 20243 September 2024R2,180R2,200
October 20242 October 2024R2,180R2,200
November 20245 November 2024R2,180R2,200
December 20243 December 2024R2,180R2,200
January 20253 January 2025R2,180R2,200
February 20254 February 2025R2,180R2,200
March 20254 March 2025R2,180R2,200

Payment Dates and Amounts for SASSA Child Grants 2024/2025

Payment Methods and Particulars

SASSA disburses the grant through various means, including:

  • Cash disbursement at designated collection points on specific dates.
  • Electronic transfer to your bank or Postbank account (please be aware that the bank may levy charges for this service).
  • Allocation to institutions (such as retirement homes).

Kindly note: If you’re unable to collect the funds in person, you have the option to authorize someone else to retrieve the grant on your behalf. Moreover, standard banking fees may apply to transactions involving your bank account. You have the flexibility to change your payment method by completing a form at a welfare office, although the modification will only take effect after a month.

General Queries

For additional assistance, you can:

  • Reach out to the toll-free helpline at 0800 601 011.
  • Seek information about payout schedules, eligibility criteria for government grants, contact details of district offices, assistance with application follow-ups, and procedures for reporting instances of fraud or malpractice.

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