Opinion: China – Europe welcomes a true leader


Chinese President Xi Jinping (right) with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – WESTERN media has no liking for China, even in the best of spirits.  

The likes of the New York Times and London based media outlets threw negatives on the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to France, Serbia and Hungary.

Why would France allow a visit by Chinese President Xi, when China is considered a friend of Russia which ‘invaded Ukraine’?  

The truth will not come from Western media which is so preoccupied by West-East geopolitics. The truth is that China is a super-power, both politically and economically and France is taking recognition of such.  

China is a quiet giant, and they have to prepare the stage. China is not playing the politics of the United States of America, which at its highest is divisive and hawkish.

 President Xi is a father with 1.43 billion children and more (Chinese population). Compared to the United States president Joe Biden, president Xi has far more grandeur and has handled the US provocation in Taiwan.  

France has come to terms with China, which is good for the world, as opposed to the Western axis of the USA, small pieces in Asia and a corner of the world allied with Europeans.  

As China and Russia are together, the American puerile dominance is threatened. The elephant in the house would be China and Russia.

I am not sure when Russia became the enemy of Europe, which the USA and Europe used as the leader of the Eastern axis. Russia established diplomatic relations with the USA in 1809 and maintained good retaliations until towards the end of the Second World War.  

The slave masters, the exploiters, colonialists, war mongers and sea pirates pointed at Russia as the enemy to hide their own obvious sins.  

In fact, Russia defeated Germany, not the allied forces, who frantically scrambled an army to avoid a complete takeover of Germany by Russian forces Goggle who defeated Germany in the Second world war.

Chinese president Xi Jinping (right) with his Serbian counterpart president Aleksandar Vucic

The emergence of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) filters new leaders.  Europe, through the eyes of France, sees the new horizon and has started the journey to tone down their American imposed rhetoric.
Many East European countries joined the European Union (EU) to gain favour with American or EU funding for their economies.  

They realized that they are not at equal footing but are in an animal farm scenario. China is exploiting that with the visit to Serbia and Hungary, semi-significant countries at the heart of the EU.  

The bottom line is that tensions and divisions, promoted by the United States are completely unnecessary and out of date.  

It is the USA which is fermenting divisions for reasons best known to themselves.  The world is beginning to see.  South Africa saw that although the USA is a significant trading partner, she has a poor agenda.

NB: Luke Montgomery Zunga is a socio-economic and political commentator.

– CAJ News

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