AFRICAN VIEW: The West’s meddling on African political affairs


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JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) EVERY time an African country holds elections, observers from the European Union (EU), Commonwealth and United States among others dismiss it as improper.

Always, the West make silly announcements, communiqués, declarations and proclamations and sometimes threaten ruling parties.

Usually, the West, led by the US would issue threats ahead of such polls demanding peaceful, credible, free and fair elections.

When a political party or presidential candidate which the West does not resonate with wins, those election outcomes are quickly labeled ‘rigged’, ‘not free’ and ‘fair’.

Sometimes those elections are described as ‘marked by vote-buying’, ‘intimidation’, ‘abduction’, ‘violence’ and other statements aimed at tarnishing respective African governments.

Just to challenge the West and its spooks that call themselves human rights, civil society and election observer groups, are you observing what is happening under your noses in the United States of America (USA)?

Why are you not issuing statements condemning what the entire world is seeing?

Do you think next time the West’s election missions come to any of Africa’s member states claiming to be poll observers will ever be respected whenever make such biased comments and useless utterances?

In the current disputed US elections, we have not heard any statements condemning the manner in which the Washington polls were badly conducted.

Africa was shocked to see the Donald Trump election camp giving food parcels to the voting electorate.

Isn’t it vote buying? Imagine if that was done by any ruling party in Africa, there would have been statements threatening sanctions, return to the rule of law, return to democracy, bla, bla, bla, bla!

What annoys me the most, African leaders cannot learn from history.

Why can’t you deny these Western observers, the NGOs, including the biased International Criminal Court (ICC), which only try African leaders or former leaders?

Why can’t ICC try former leaders from Europe, US, Asia, South America, etc?

We have seen a million Iraqis bombed and killed for no reason, but those that falsely invaded Iraq are still walking scot free, why?

Why is it that ICC is not pursuing them? If ICC has been created for African leaders only, then Africa, it is time to pull out.

The African Union (AU) and its all regional blocs or member states MUST immediately do away with ICC, and Western election observer missions.

The Western democracy is not at all adding value to the African continent’s worth cause.

Condemn the US election shenanigans, then Africa will respect your views, but as of now, there is no tangible evidence suggesting Africa can be lectured human rights, democracy and the rule of law by the US, EU, and other entities that come from the West.

It is time for Africa to come with its own prescription of good governance and the rule of law, not the hypocrisy we always see from the US and its Western allies.

– CAJ News




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