Thanks to brave doctors, but what about the Vatican?


Pope Francis Bergoglio

ROME, (CAJ News) THE Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, which defends the fundamental truths of the Christian faith and morals, notes with pain that although the voice of truth has already been clearly heard from brave doctors, corona psychosis has not yet been stopped and the threat of vaccination leading to chipping persists.

Dear doctors, it hurts us a lot that you have not been supported in the fight for the truth by the official leadership of the Church. On the contrary, the Vatican headed by the invalid Pope Francis Bergoglio was the first to impose an artificial quarantine by closing the churches, even during Easter – the most important Christian holiday.

Another blow, not only for Catholics, but also for the whole world, is the Vatican documents promoting vaccination for everyone! We wonder how this incompetent authority could usurp the right to speak instead of real experts concerning serious problems related to epidemiology, virology or immunology, without drawing on the slightest knowledge in these areas.

Here the Vatican has manifested itself as a false demagogic system which has betrayed its mission to proclaim the truth and is actively promoting vaccination, even though it knows that the vaccination system is to be used towards chipping and reducing humanity, that is, towards its genocide. This crime of the Vatican points to the mass apostasy of the church hierarchy, which does not serve Christ and the truth but serves the antichrist and the spirit of lies – the devil.

The Book of Revelation strongly condemns chipping (Rev 13). It points to temporal punishments associated with sores (Rev 16) and to the eternal punishment in the lake of fire. It is clear that a person who receives any form of chipping under the guise of vaccination will be deprived of free will and transformed from a human into a kind of biorobot or literally a demon incarnate. It is a tragedy that the Catholic Church, which was a pillar of truth and hundreds of thousands of martyrs sacrificed their lives for the truth and purity of faith in the past, has now become a harlot of the antichrist, and instead of leading souls to eternal life cunningly exploits religious phrases and leads souls into eternal perdition.

You, brave doctors – whether Catholic or non-Catholic – have boldly spoken out against the system of death connected with global control. Taking a courageous stance in defence of the truth and life, you are exercising a prophetic ministry that the Church has neglected. Today, false prophets speak out in the name of the Church, such as Bergoglio or Patriarchs Kirill and Bartholomew in the Orthodox Church, and the whole treacherous apostate church hierarchy united with them. Sincere bishops and priests are being silenced and persecuted.

You, doctors, do remain faithful in this fight for the truth! May there be more courageous doctors who will be ready to make even great sacrifices to help the truth about corona psychosis and genocidal vaccines come to light and to save humanity. The greatest commandment, besides the love of God, is the love of neighbour. But this is connected with the truth.

Once you have finished your life’s struggle and stand before the judgment seat of God, the Saviour will turn to you and say, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me…” (Mt 25:40) Without you, children cannot defend themselves against harmful vaccines which maim or even kill them. Without you, ordinary people cannot prove the harmfulness of the so-called measures leading to their self-destruction.

By not remaining silent these days, you have already broken down the barriers of forceful lies involving a plan for annihilation of the planet. You take risks and often even experience persecution, gross defamation, psychological terror, dismissal, threats, imprisonment…

Be brave and follow the example of heroic doctors from the past who were even able to sacrifice their lives for the love of their neighbours. God is on your side! He will not be your debtor. After your life’s struggle, there is an eternal reward in store for you. Endure to the end!

We pray for you.

NB: Issued by + Elijah, Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate + Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr – Secretary Bishops

– CAJ News

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