Fake refugees worsening Boko Haram terror


Some members of the Boko Haram that repented

from AHMED OBAFEMI in Maiduguri, Nigeria
MAIDUGURI, (CAJ News) THE Nigerian government has been advised to review registration processes in refugee camps amid reports of members of the Boko Haram terror group accessing the camps disguised as refugees.

The advice by a security think-tank comes in the wake of attacks by the Islamists at the internally displaced people’s (IDPs) camps northeast of the country.

There have been similar attacks in neighbouring countries where the jihadists operate.

“There is also a need to review the registration processes in IDP camps,” Nextier Security, Peace and Development (SPD) stated.

It added, “The influx of fake displaced persons indicates that camp management is poor and ineffective in monitoring activities.”

SPD advised that in addition to securitising the camp residence, registration would also help determine the exact number of people in the camp for authorities to plan their needs adequately.

The issue of so-called fake IDPs is impacting in food aid distribution as undeserving households benefit.

“Besides, inadequate regulations within the camps make it difficult for relief services to reach the target population,” SPD said.

An announced visit by a delegation from the Borno State in March led to discovering about 650 fake IDP households who pose as displaced persons to receive relief materials meant for internally displaced persons.

Over 8.,7 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in northeast Nigeria.

About 4,3 million of them are facing acute food insecurity.

– CAJ News


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