Italy warns of ISIS expansion in Mozambique


Italy minister of foreign affairs, Luigi Di Maio

from ARMANDO DOMINGOS in Maputo, Mozambique
MAPUTO, (CAJ News) ITALY has called for greater collaboration to curb the rising threat of the Islamic State (ISIS or Daesh) in northern Mozambique.

The Southern African country is the latest nation in the continent to suffer attacks by insurgents pledging allegiance to the terror group.

Luigi Di Maio, the Italian Foreign Minister, expressed concern at plenary ministerial meeting of the anti-Daesh coalition.

“Daesh is very dangerous still. There are a number of instruments that we can use in order to take action not only in the Middle East,” he said in Rome.

The Rome General Peace Accords ended Mozambique’s civil war in 1992.

“Now there is an alarming phenomenon taking place on the African continent, and in particular in the Sahel region, but also in Eastern Africa, for example, as in the north of Mozambique.”

Di Maio said fearing the expansion and spread of Daesh in Africa, some countries that are not coalition members – Burkina Faso, Ghana and Mozambique -were invited as observers to follow the meeting.

The minister urged participating countries to step up action undertaken by the coalition and increasing the areas in which they could operate.

“So this doesn’t only mean the Middle East, but Africa, the Sahel, and also Mozambique and the Horn of Africa.”

The coalition had last met in this format since February 2019 in Washington, United States.

Then, the terror in northern Mozambique was brewing.

It peaked in Mach this year.

Last week, Southern African leaders endorsed the deployment of a standby force to Mozambique.

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