OPINION: COVID-19, ignorance, stupidity: Triple evils ravaging South Africa


Looting spree and violence in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) THE senseless property destruction and looting spree that characterised South Africa over the last week has laid bare ignorance and stupidity as the other pandemics, besides the coronavirus, that are devastating the country.

These three pandemics will take a long time to heal, that is if there ever is a cure.

While COVID-19 at least has vaccines to keep it under control, unfortunately, these two (ignorance and stupidity) other epidemics have no vaccines.

Unless South Africa quickly addresses ignorance and stupidity among its people, there shall be a vicious cycle of these brutal and inhuman developments.

Forget these political claims about poverty, unemployment, foreigners taking ‘our jobs and women’ as the root of the barbarism.

The real pandemics here have been repeatedly hitting hard on South Africa since the advent of freedom and democracy in 1994 where idiocy, insanity, lunacy, silliness, irresponsibility, recklessness and ridiculousness took root.

The criminality elements of surrounding the unprovoked violence, looting, xenophobic attacks, racism and property destruction, including schools, are all incited by the so-called community, provincial and national leaders.

Give it some thought.

Come to think of it, what does one benefit from burning down a school where children go to search and invest their future?

What would one get by burning down a mall that the entire community depends on? Why destroy jobs for our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers?

What would one benefit from shooting and killing innocent women, children or any human being?

Our analysis clearly shows that indeed COVID-19, ignorance and stupidity are severe pandemics.

This is not an insult.

It is a fact that must be seriously examined in order to shape tomorrow’s future.

As I comment in this article, more than 200 lives have been lost to the senseless and barbaric violence as well as looting sprees and destruction of public property.

Now, as the dust settles, reality is confronting the nation.

It is hitting hard.

After destruction, our children are now forced to stay at home because they no longer have schools.

Residents are faced with starvation since there is nowhere to buy food following destruction of malls, shops and other property.

To date, thousands of people have lost jobs to criminal elements due to these barbaric, idiocy and ignorant actions.

At the time of writing, the government and private sector would be forced to raise a more than R20 billion to ensure the destroyed properties, jobs lost and looting spree are restored.

Fellow South Africans, let us all re-examine ourselves and see if this is the future we wish for our country.


Let education be a priority to fight out the triple pandemic of COVID-19, ignorance and stupidity.

– CAJ News





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