Youths protest at Cape Verde Constitutional Court demanding immediate release of Colombian businessman Alex Saab


Protesters demanding release of Alex Sab

CIDADE DA PRAIA (Inforpress / CAJ News) A group of people is gathered in the vicinity of the Constitutional Court, in Cidade da Praia, asking for the release of Colombian businessman Alex Saab, detained in Cape Verde since June 2020.

Armed with posters with phrases such as “Free Alex Saab”, “We want justice for Alex Saab”, “Stop abuse for Alex Saab” and “Freedom for Alex Saab”, among others, the protesters shout for the freedom of the Colombian businessman for “the things don’t get complicated in Cape Verde”.

The demonstration takes place in the vicinity of the Constitutional Court, where the trial of the appeal for the extradition of Saab began today, but the intention of the group, made up mostly of young people from Cidade da Praia, was to demonstrate in front of the Constitutional Court .

However, the protesters were stopped by the police and are now at the roundabout of Homem de Pedra, in Chá de Areia.

Alex Saab, 48, was detained on June 12 by Interpol and Cape Verdean authorities during a technical stopover at Amílcar Cabral International Airport, on the island of Sal, based on an international arrest warrant issued by the United States of America ( USA), who consider him a “front man” of the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

His arrest has placed Cape Verde at the center of a dispute between Nicolás Maduro’s regime in Venezuela, which claims its diplomatic functions at the time of arrest, and the US presidency.

– Inforpress  / CAJ News





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