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JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) PROTESTS by Canada’s truckers against mandatory vaccinations as a prerequisite to cross the border with the United States (US) are the latest in a series of outrage against these forced COVID-19 jabs.

Some African nationals have pledged solidarity with the protesting truckers as the protests look likely to turn into global demonstrations.

Already, former United States of America (USA) President Donald Trump and several millions of American citizens, have since rallied behind the Canadian truckers against these forced vaccinations against the virus.

Such protests are wreaking havoc in Australia, France and New Zealand as they spread like veld fire across the world.

Suspicion is rife that vaccines are connivance among powerful global governments and the manufacturers of drugs, who are being accused of violating human rights.

Yet, most of these countries claim to be proponents of these rights.

Some Africans who spoke to CAJ News Africa pledged to prop up the demonstrating Canadian truckers.

“What raises suspicion is the manner in which global governments are forcing everyone to be vaccinated without their consent. What happened to our rights of choosing what goes into my body or not,” queried Nigerian Christian Abayomrunkoje Abdullahi in Lagos.

Algerian Muslim believer, Abdelkader Slimani said: “If I choose to die, that is my choice. My life has nothing to do with CoronaVac, Johnson & Johnson’s, Moderna, Pfizer, Sinovac, Sputnik or Zeneca.”

He was alluding to the now-controversial vaccines.

Kenyan hawker, Chepkirui Odhiambo, said: “Just like when HIV/AIDS started, I’ve never witnessed men or women being forced to use contraceptives, so, why force us take your unwanted vaccines?”

She added: “People made their own sexual choices. They did so guided by information about the diseases. Now, what is so special about COVID-19?”

The last truck standing, and keeps blocking the southbound lane as the world resists 'satanic' forced COVID-19 vaccines that violate human rights

The last truck standing, and keeps blocking the southbound lane as the world resists ‘satanic’ forced COVID-19 vaccines that violate human rights

South African university leaver, Horisani Maluleke said: “In my country, I have witnessed top government officials and the rich, who were fully vaccinated, but dying of the so-called COVID-19, whilst those unvaccinated have neither symptoms nor dying. Even our president (Cyril Ramaphosa) was at some point tested COVID-19 positive not so long ago. Clearly, vaccines do not work, so, do not force us to be vaccinated.”

Ahmed Hassan from Alexandria, Egypt, said: “The COVID-19 manufacturers and their fraudulent global governments must go hang. They must not violate our rights. Otherwise we must all die resisting these forced vaccines. Anything that is imposed or forced does not work well, and it must be vehemently resisted. Let people choose what they want.”

Moroccan Fatima Hayek weighed in: “This mandatory vaccine shows all countries under the United Nations (UN) are just doing lip-service when it comes to allowing citizens exercise their human rights. People must not be forced, otherwise such actions raise great suspicions about these vaccines.”

Zimbabwean scientist based in Johannesburg, Sungano Maraire, said: “If God Himself would allow people to choose life or death, hell or heaven, why not earthly governments can’t let people exercise their rights?”

Maraire argued the so-called human rights organisations were silent as people’s rights are being trampled upon under the cover of curing a pandemic.

“This is the work of the devil. As such, the world must strongly oppose mandatory COVID-19 vaccines.”

A majority of respondents were of Christian faith.

They pledged solidarity with the Canadian truckers, who have brought the border with America as well as cities to a standstill.

Trump called for the ‘rise up’ against the COVID-19 vaccines.

“Now, there’s talk by the Biden Administration again about closing schools and even vaccine mandates for school children. This is an outrage, and MAGA nation should rise up and oppose this egregious federal government overreach,” Trump said.

– CAJ News


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