Claims of abuse further divide America, Zimbabwe


United States President Joe Biden

from MARCUS MUSHONGA in Harare, Zimbabwe
HARARE, (CAJ News) – LATEST claims by the United States (US) of human rights abuses in Zimbabwe are widening differences between the two countries.

It is the latest claim in the relations that have been frosty since the year 2000 when the US accused Zimbabwe of human rights violations. However, the Southern African country said this was a ploy to effect regime change after the land reform programmes aimed at correcting colonial imbalances.

This week, the US released its 2021 Human Rights Report, which highlighted alleged human rights cases still pending justice.

“We call on the Zimbabwe government to pursue justice for these victims and give closure to their loved ones,” the US stated.

The American Embassy in Harare was quoted as saying that in 2018, the High Court ordered the Zimbabwean government to provide updates on the 2015 disappearance of democracy activist, Itai Dzamara, arguing officials failed to make the follow up as initially directed by the court.

“In July 2020, opposition supporter Mazwi Joseph Ndlovu was fatally assaulted after questioning local ZANU-PF authorities why they denied him food assistance. Police charged the perpetrators with murder and the trial was pending at year’s end,” the embassy alleged.

However, Zimbabweans accused the US Embassy of interference in domestic affairs.

One only identified as The Genius reacted to the US tweet, saying: “Start in America. That’s where human rights abuses are rife.”

Kudzai Mutisi rebuffed the US, stating: “You know nothing about human rights.”

Idi Maunde Chiunduro argued the US’ sanctions on Zimbabwe was the worst of human rights violations.

Mukaranga Mberengwa called upon America to respect International Criminal Court (ICC) and allow it to investigate human rights abuses in Iraq, where the US allegedly killed more than a million civilians in the Middle East country.

He urged the US to stop imposing sanctions on ICC judges whenever they wanted to pursue investigations of human rights abuses implicating America.

Ndini Harare noted a global report that America had not accounted for over 1 million people murdered in Iraq.

One Rukudzo alleged US’ human rights record was worse than Zimbabwe’s.

Nicole Hondo challenged the US to deal with human rights abuses against black Americans.

“When will black victims get justice in your country (America)?” she queried.

The US administration of then-president George Bush imposed the sanctions.

Successive American governments have maintained them.

– CAJ News



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